Laconic Zana Deux Micro

Discussion in 'Headphone Amplifiers and Combo (DAC/Amp) Units' started by The Life, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Tempe, Arizona
    Is there ever going to be a US distributor or at least reseller for these?

  2. The Life

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    Apr 3, 2016
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    The Bronx
    Are they available for "Han Solo-ing"?
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    Moscow, RU
    @The Life , sure. Just like any other reasonably sized and reasonably priced product available in Moscow and for some reason unavailable outside of Russia.
    (the only exception I can think of is Kennerton Odin).
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  4. Serious

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    Sep 28, 2015
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    ZDM impressions:

    TL;DR: Don't buy this amp

    I've had the ZDM for the better part of this year now and until today I haven't really done any critical listening. That's how bad it is.

    All listening was done with my modded HD800:
    -some hum and some noise, but not too bad overall. Pot has decent feel to it. Top of the amp gets very hot.
    -immediately apparent veil - this is very obvious. Makes HD800 sound like HD650; Very dead sounding
    -also warm tonally, but not that warm
    -this buries microdynamics and microdetail
    -macrodynamics are also pretty bad, but not as terrible as the micro stuff
    -lacks heft, bass sounds blurry, subbass is rolled off
    -soundstage is nebulous, images sort of blur together lacking defintion
    -soundstage is also surprisingly small
    -treble is actually pretty hard for some reason despite the warmth

    vs my Vali 1 that has been collecting dust:
    -hiss, the noise floor on the vali is really pretty bad
    -channel imbalance on the small pot is horrible at volumes I actually listen at - everything is shifted to the left
    -immediately more open, clearer, more resolving
    -vali actually has more bass impact hahaha, but doesn't seem to go as low; bass sucks on both
    -soundstage is more upfront with more depth and more precise imaging; more layered
    -the ZDM smears upstream differences way more than the vali. I had the vali hooked up to a shitty SPC cable and I couldn't stand it with the vali. The ZDM absorbed the sharpness as if cables made almost no difference - still I didn't like the SPC cable.
    -this also made it harder to tell the difference between 500kbit/s lossy and lossless.
    -treble delineation on the ZDM is way worse - makes cymbals sound like samples
    -still, treble on the vali was much worse than I remembered; timbre is off

    The ZDM is weird. It sounds muffled without sounding that warm tonally. Hmmm. The Vali (1st gen) or the Leckerton UHA-6s mk.II are clearly superior amps.
    I didn't open the spare tube package. It seemed like a lost cause to me.

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