Mar 19, 2018
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Friend, from Missouri


Going off the rails and purchasing some power cords to replace stock cords on DAC, phonostage, and SACD player. Jan 18, 2022

    1. luckybaer
      Lots of TB: I have almost 1 TB of music on my PC. I back it up to 2 other drives. The SSDs are for OS and for apps/games.
    2. luckybaer
      FWIW... AMD vs. Intel - For gaming, Intel is still king, but for productivity, Ryzen 9 3900X’s 12 cores are tough to beat.
      1. neogeosnk
        I just built a Ryzen 9 3900x last night. I definitely like it more than my old 7700, cooler and seems faster than anything I've ever had before. Watercooling is so much easier now.
        Feb 3, 2020
    3. luckybaer
      RE: SLI - For RDR2, my real bottleneck was my old i5 processor. The 2x 2070 Super were a good improvement over 2x 970, but Ryzen 9 = wow!
    4. luckybaer
      RE: SLI - It helps with frames/sec on demanding games like RDR2, but haven’t thought about it from a bang for the buck perspective.
    5. luckybaer
      Built a new PC. Ryzen 9 3900X, 2x 2070 Super, ROG X570 E, 2x 2TB SSD, 2x 2TB HDD, 1x 3TB HDD.
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      2. SoupRKnowva
        do you find the benefits of SLI to still be worth it? or is to for productivity use?
        Feb 2, 2020
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      3. zonto
        That’s a lot of TBs in there.
        Feb 3, 2020
        luckybaer likes this.
    6. luckybaer
      Mobile check deposit is awesome.
      1. Mithrandir41, SoupRKnowva and YMO like this.
      2. DigMe
        It's especially awesome when you're overseas and need to deposit a check into your US account!
        Jan 15, 2020
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      3. YMO
        Yep, makes life a lot easier. Then again, in the US we still love our checks!
        Jan 15, 2020
        luckybaer likes this.
    7. luckybaer
      Gungnir Multibit clicking. Assumed was Win10 USB power management. Swapped out USB cable. Clicking gone. Happiness!
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    8. luckybaer
      Cleaned new LP. Put it back in sleeve. Took it out to play. Looked at grooves w/ magnifier. Debris! Re-cleaned b4 playing. Sigh...
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    9. luckybaer
      Haha... Daft Punk sure reverberates throughout the house - as my family just reminded me not-so-subtly...
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      2. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        They are human after all. One more time...
        Dec 29, 2019
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    10. luckybaer
      Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope you all have a festive time today and tomorrow!!
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    11. luckybaer
      One runs the risk of popping positive on a random drug test after listening to The Doors...
      1. Wilson
        "Let's swim to the moon."
        Dec 21, 2019
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    12. luckybaer
      Not sure what happened to Star Wars franchise. My son, a HUGE fan, said he has given up on Star Wars. What changed?!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. BenjaminBore
        “Lando in a sexual relationship with a robot” Damn you Bill, now I HAVE to watch it.

        Agreed on Rogue One, it’s the only one of any worth. But even there only so much.
        Dec 21, 2019
        Lyander likes this.
      3. BillOhio
        That was in Solo, and I'd skip it.
        Dec 21, 2019
      4. BenjaminBore
        I couldn’t bring myself to watch Solo. Just, no.
        Dec 21, 2019
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    13. luckybaer
      Knew nothing about Daft Punk. Bought Random Access Memories. LOVE IT!!!
      1. Zed Bopp, Deep Funk, pavi and 8 others like this.
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      3. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        Do your "homework" and go on "discovery."
        Dec 20, 2019
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      4. luckybaer
        I went in with ZERO knowledge or exposure to DP. After a few minutes, I'm like... kinda reminds me of... Chic?! Then... noticed the Nile Rodgers credits on the album. No wonder I fell for DP/RAM so quickly!
        Dec 21, 2019
      5. Zed Bopp
        Zed Bopp
        Great production that makes you’re gear sound good.
        Dec 21, 2019
        luckybaer likes this.
    14. luckybaer
      Ever have days where the music just sounds better than it has in a long time? Same gear, same listening area... better experience? Weird!!
      1. atomicbob, obsiCO, Jinxy245 and 5 others like this.
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      3. Jinxy245
        I sincerely think there are so many things that affect our enjoyment of music it can be really hard to account for them all. Could be a slight volume adjustment, less ambient noise, sinuses being clearer, a good glass of whisky etc. etc. Enjoy the music.
        Dec 16, 2019
      4. atomicbob
        Absolutely. Human are rather variable and can be influenced by good / bad days. Effects long known in the wine industry.
        Dec 17, 2019
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      5. Zed Bopp
        Zed Bopp
        Yes, music sounds very different when tired vs full of energy. Often for no obvious reason. This is why I find very fast judgments of gear always suspect. On a good day very mediocre stuff can sound awesome and vice versa.
        Dec 22, 2019
        Jinxy245 likes this.
    15. luckybaer
      Had to subscribe to HD channels now that we have an HD-capable TV. Things look great! Our old TV was a dinosaur!
      1. Lyander and Skyline like this.
    16. luckybaer
      Finally bought a HD capable TV.
      1. SoupRKnowva
        damn, welcome to this millennia
        Dec 8, 2019
        luckybaer and monacelli like this.
      2. luckybaer
        Never felt so much like a Luddite...
        Dec 8, 2019
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      3. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        What do you want a high-density transvestite for?

        No, wait! I don't want to know!
        Dec 9, 2019
    17. luckybaer
      Please be safe while you enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday!
      1. Wilson, Jinxy245, Ksaurav402 and 2 others like this.
      2. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        Dangerous turkeys?

        Folks... Enjoy!
        Nov 28, 2019
      3. luckybaer
        Ha! Or, dangerous drivers on the trek to your destination!
        Nov 29, 2019
    18. luckybaer
      Pre-ordered RedDeadRedemption2 for PC. Rollout plagued with issues. Freezes, crashes, high CPU usage, etc. Great when works, though.
    19. luckybaer
      My MoFi Dire Straits SACDs arrived yesterday
      1. JK47 and DigMe like this.
    20. luckybaer
      Freya + has me intrigued. Oh, no!!
      1. Riotvan likes this.
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    DAC: Schiit Gungnir MB Gen 5, HeadRoom Micro DAC, Schiit Modi MB [mothballed]
    Head Amp: AURALiC Taurus MkII, Vali 2 [assorted tubes], Magni 3 [mothballed], HeadRoom Micro
    Headphones: Elex, HD650, DT880, D2000, K601, TX-X00, HE-4XX, SR-80e, M220
    CD/SACD/Data Disc Hi-Res: Denon DCD-1600NE, Marantz CD5003
    Cassette: Nakamichi DR-2
    Pre-Amp: Schiit Freya [Tung-Sol], Khozmo Passive Preamp (x2)
    Integrated Amp: Onkyo TX-8555 [mothballed]
    Amplifier: Rotel RB-1582 MkII, Parasound NewClassic 2125v2
    Turntable: Technics SL-1210GR, Kenwood KD-2070
    Cartridges: Ortofon 2M Red, Shure V15 Type III [JICO SAS/R], Audio-Technica VM750SH, Soundsmith Otello, Reloop Concorde w/STY10, Super OM-40
    Phonostage: PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter (also ADC), Parks Audio Puffin
    Speakers: Polk Audio RT25i, Dynaudio Evoke 10
    I'm pretty happy


    SL-1210GR, KD-2070 | Gungnir MB, Modi MB | DCD-1600NE, CD5003 | DR-2 |
    NuWave Phono Converter, Puffin
    | Khozmo, Khozmo | RB-1582 MkII, NewClassic 2125v2 | Evoke 10, RT25i | SB-1000, R-110SW