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Mar 26, 2016
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United kingdomland of fish and chips

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Friend, Male, from United kingdomland of fish and chips


Bought a CD player and my first CD with the fruits of labour. https://imgur.com/a/OLPPqlA Mar 3, 2021 at 7:38 AM

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    1. m17xr2b
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      2. dubharmonic
        First CD?
        Mar 3, 2021 at 7:39 AM
        Lyander likes this.
      3. m17xr2b
        Yep, first ever new music CD purchased from a store.
        Mar 3, 2021 at 8:03 AM
        Lyander likes this.
      4. Walderstorn
        Gratz ^^
        Mar 3, 2021 at 9:17 AM
    2. m17xr2b
      Anyone have an account on review33.com and willing to help with a purchase?
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      2. m17xr2b
        Nah, looking at the other side of the planet for the things I want. This is where the paypal fee is worth its weight in gold. Out of the sites I've registered in HK many require several days of months of wait before you can PM. My Stellaris went to HK, there's quite a HiFi scene over there.
        Feb 26, 2021
      3. dllmsch
        Don't have an account but located in HK, probably can help. Many sellers post their ads on dcfever as well where I have an account.
        Feb 27, 2021 at 2:28 AM
      4. dllmsch
        Just a heads up I seem to be able to PM right away after opening a new account there. PM me if you still need help.
        Feb 28, 2021 at 6:41 AM
    3. m17xr2b
      Working two jobs to afford more components. Short term effort for long term benefit.
      1. Deep Funk, Syzygy, Cryptowolf and 6 others like this.
      2. m17xr2b
        Stuck at home anyway might as well do 16 hour work days for a while.
        Feb 26, 2021
      3. GoodEnoughGear
        I'm too old for that shit now, but more power to ya!
        Feb 26, 2021
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    4. m17xr2b
      Great success, parafeed Elrog 801A amp without a parafeed cap, iron only signal. Best cap is no cap. Next phase of audio journey started.
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      3. m17xr2b
        Very different, parafeed transformers are gapless and far less losses than gapped plus you can get exotic cores like cobalt. A gapped OTP with more than 50H isn't really possible, with this approach I can have 100H+ to use 801A and other high RP tubes with flat bass response to 10Hz. A gapped OTP for a 801A is a compromise however you take it. It's all about trade offs and design choices for a certain goal.
        Feb 23, 2021
      4. Cspirou
        The parafeed transformer is not the issue for me. I just don't see how a bifilar choke is all that different from an SE transformer.
        Feb 23, 2021
      5. m17xr2b
        Have a read on the forum post and it should be clear. A choke will have the inductance necessary for 5K RP @25mA an SE transformer won't ever have unless you know a high quality 100H+ SE otp? Plus it enables me to use my exotic parafeed OTPs without a cap resulting in the cleanest sound I've ever heard. Also it's a cool thing to try.
        Feb 23, 2021
    5. m17xr2b
      Bonding with newly acquired Verite Closed.
      1. jexby
        am returning @Elnrik VC today, and am beyond sad. super engaging and energetic week of listening.
        Feb 6, 2021
      2. m17xr2b
        Glasses indeed cut off low bass, same issue I had with Utopia. I have a pair with slim frames that make them somewhat alright but still. Not an issue with Verite per say but leather pads and closed headphones, not sure why the focals were picky.
        Feb 6, 2021
        fraggler likes this.
      3. Erroneous
        They change significantly upon break in, but I'm guessing you already know this.
        Feb 6, 2021
    6. m17xr2b
      Iron(choke,interstage,mains etc.) colours the sound just as any cap does, the difference is the average iron is better than the average cap.
      1. Cryptowolf, penguins, OJneg and 3 others like this.
      2. Priidik
        The price is kind of justified for iron (heavy and the exotic core materials are truly expensive even in bulk) whereas for capacitors the materials cost max 10 $ per cap, whatever is put inside (exception for silver and gold etc) and what is so special about the difference in manufacturing between mid level double foil pp alu cap and top shelf copper/tin foil? Price difference is 10x.
        Jan 13, 2021
      3. Psalmanazar
        Good transformers and interstage transformers make tube gear great and prevent misbehavior. Why do you think old RCA and TAB stuff was way cleaner than modern tube gear?
        Jan 13, 2021
        Cryptowolf likes this.
      4. famish99
        yo dawg I been saying this all along lol. Iron just does a better job of the mids than caps and vice versa for the ends.
        Jan 13, 2021
        penguins likes this.
    7. m17xr2b
      Five times now, lost the initial ebay auction, item pops up again at lower buy now price, all crucial for my amp build, weird but thankful.
      1. Merrick likes this.
      2. crenca
        Fake auctions used to measure price sensitivity perhaps?
        Jan 10, 2021
      3. m17xr2b
        I don't think so, these were vintage transformers and for some reason coveted by the far east especially China hence high prices. Some don't follow through with payment it seems.
        Jan 10, 2021
        crenca likes this.
    8. m17xr2b
      The stupidest grin on my face, C core nanocrystalline parafeed choke from Japan.
      1. OJneg, Priidik, Melvillian and 3 others like this.
    9. m17xr2b
      I wonder what dac/amp/setup did Senn use when prototyping the HD650
      1. dubharmonic likes this.
      2. Hrodulf
        In 2000? Either something expensive or janky or both.
        Jan 5, 2021
        fraggler likes this.
      3. Huhnkopf
        I asked and was told they used and use a lot of custom or special designs. Expensive fits, janky, I don't know, got not more out of the Sennheiser guy.
        Feb 6, 2021
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    10. m17xr2b
      Happy new years you filthy animals
      1. m17xr2b
        Dec 31, 2020
        dubharmonic likes this.
      2. dubharmonic
        You’re back! Curious what kind of Frankenstein’s monster tube amp you’re using lately.
        Dec 31, 2020
      3. YMO
        Hello there welcome back.
        Dec 31, 2020
    11. m17xr2b
      Back to work after a three month break. Thankful for all the time to diy on this hobby.
      1. hikergrl, Thad E Ginathom and Lyander like this.
      2. Thad E Ginathom
        Thad E Ginathom
        When I worked... I would have loved to have a three-month break, and going back would have been a big shock.

        Now, I have been stuck in the house for four months. Would rather like to see the outside world again!
        Jul 17, 2020
        hikergrl and Lyander like this.
      3. Lyander
        Likewise. I haven't been out since earlyish March and have been feeling restive lately, never mind that I'm a socially inept and indoorsy person :))
        Jul 17, 2020
        hikergrl, m17xr2b and Thad E Ginathom like this.
    12. m17xr2b
      Choke input tube amp, it's subtle but there, super smooth OTL like sound with OTP punch.
      1. RobS and dark_energy like this.
      2. RobS
        sounds sexy, where can I see this
        Jul 1, 2020
    13. m17xr2b
      PX4 amp on OLED TV is the next best thing of a live concert
      1. SoupRKnowva likes this.
      2. Vtory
        Isn't it the first best in this Corona era? Social distancing and business limitation lifted in your area?
        Jun 20, 2020
      3. m17xr2b
        That and bands that no longer have live concerts. Watching within temptation black symphony concert from 2008 and feels like I'm there. 2A3 Stellaris and 300B and don't match up. Still wish I could have been there yet too stupid at my 20s.
        Jun 20, 2020
    14. m17xr2b
      When I find some vintage component I realise everyone already wants it especially far east.Still...oil filled C core chokes and power trans.
    15. m17xr2b
      Bidding on used HP ink cartridges, can't find them anywhere else new. Guess people started to print on all that TP.
      1. Deep Funk, Lyander and dasman66 like this.
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      3. rtaylor76
        Not looking forward to replacing my toner cartridges. Too much printing worksheets for the kiddos to keep them busy.
        Jun 16, 2020
      4. Ntbm3
        So much trouble with ink jet.... went laser recently and have been super happy. No dried cartridges ever again...
        Jun 17, 2020
      5. m17xr2b
        Won against 5 different bidders, ebay emailed me it might be a scam, didn't pay but still surprised how hard it is to get ink.
        Jun 17, 2020
    16. m17xr2b
      The smell of gear purging is in the air, I though the last time was the last time.
      1. OldDude04 and Jinxy245 like this.
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      3. m17xr2b
        Stellaris is probably going so might be beyond end game.
        Jun 9, 2020
        YMO likes this.
      4. Jinxy245
        Wow...is that because you're satisfied with your creation? Good on you.
        Jun 9, 2020
      5. m17xr2b
        The creation is 95% Stellaris technicalities now and more bloom/involvment after cap changes with plenty of room to grow and has many other advantages like being able to run it 24/7 if I wanted.
        Jun 9, 2020
        Jinxy245 and FlySweep like this.
    17. m17xr2b
      Long awaited goal achieved, all DHT tube amp. Yummy.
      1. MichaeLeroy likes this.
    18. m17xr2b
      When the synergy is there between holy grail tubes, Telefunken RGN2004 mesh, Mazda PP3/250, ECC40 metal base on DNA Stellaris...WOW
      1. dubharmonic likes this.
    19. m17xr2b
      they see me shilling, they hatin...
      1. famish99 likes this.
    20. m17xr2b
      Duelund CuAg, Telefunken AD1, AudioNote OTP,metal base GZ34 and ECC40. Sometimes the synergy just isn't there regardless of brands or price.
      1. purr1n and atomicbob like this.
      2. gaspasser
        Is all of this crammed into your Super Crack? Edit: I’m joking, of course.
        Mar 5, 2020
      3. famish99
        Mar 5, 2020
        gaspasser likes this.
      4. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        Add some Apple for that technological freshness.
        Mar 6, 2020
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    United kingdomland of fish and chips
    Gear List:

    Sennheiser HD580x2
    Sennheiser HD650
    Hifiman Susvara


    Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced

    PSAudio P12

    Sony WM1A

    Custom WyWires/Duelund 12 core HP
    WyWires LiteSpd platinum AES
    WyWires platinum XLR IC
    WyWires silver RCA IC
    WyWires silver mains x2
    WyWires platinum HP
    WyWires red HP


    Sennheiser HD540 600ohm
    HD380 PRO
    HD250 600ohm
    Heir Audio 8.0
    Abyss 1266 x2
    Audeze LCD-3 x2
    Audeze LCD-4
    ZMF Eikon
    Verum one
    HD800 SDR
    HD800 hardwired
    ZMF Verite
    AKG K1000 refurbished
    MySphere 3.1

    Modded DNA Stellaris 422A/PX4/AD1/ECC40
    Custom BH Crack with Sowter transformer GEC 6AS7G/BL63
    Bottlehead Crack x2
    Project Ember
    Trilogy 931
    Simaudio Moon 600i
    Woo WA5
    Cavali Liquid Glass
    DNA Stratus
    Apex Peak/Volcano
    Apex Teton

    Asus Xonad DX
    GeekOut 1000
    GeekOut V2
    Geek Pulse infinity(6y+ wait)
    Schiit Yggdrasil x2
    Metrum Pavane with Dac2 modules
    Custom fanless transport PC with Lynx AES16e/HDPlex linear PSU

    PsAudio P5
    Bottlehead Quickie
    Bottlehead PeePre maxed
    Schiit Vali
    Norne Draug
    Norne Silvergrade S HD800
    DHC Complement 4 for HD800 hardwire


    HD650 Stock/Susvara/NDH20/HD580<-DIY full DHT SET<-Rockna Wavedream Signature Bal<-Rockna Wavedream NET