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United kingdomland of fish and chips
IT contractor

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Friend, Male, from United kingdomland of fish and chips


Just got a NOS HD250. Holy shit this is nice. Senn WTF are you doing, bring these back. Jul 19, 2018 at 8:26 AM

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    1. m17xr2b
      Just got a NOS HD250. Holy shit this is nice. Senn WTF are you doing, bring these back.
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      2. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        Do you have the Linear mark II? Sennheiser could have improved this instead of releasing the HD700. Something went wrong at Sennheiser HQ...
        Jul 20, 2018 at 2:19 AM
      3. m17xr2b
        I've got the Linear 1 600ohm. I'll get to hear the HD820 tomorrow so interesting to compare on bass alone. Still have to find the right pads, the HM-5 doesn't work, messes with the imaging.
        Jul 20, 2018 at 3:01 AM
    2. m17xr2b
      Got scammed out of 400£ on a T1. Never use bank transfers. Shame on me.
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      2. m17xr2b
        Already done that, if nothing else I wanted to get that bank account flagged. The bank guy told me there's little chance of getting the money back but one can hope.
        Jul 9, 2018
      3. frenchbat
        Don't trust the bank. Here they tell us we need to file a complaint with the police to get a refund but it's actually a lie. They have insurance
        Jul 9, 2018
      4. BenjaminBore
        Ah, shit. Sorry to hear that, man. Fingers crossed on the bank being useful.
        Jul 9, 2018
    3. m17xr2b
      A new toy to play with, the Peak.
      1. m17xr2b
        And so far with the stock switching psu and a CV181-Z, I'm not impressed.
        Jul 8, 2018
    4. m17xr2b
      Want to compare my tube amps...not in this heat. The K1000 makes a great summer hp.
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    5. m17xr2b
      jet fuel can't melt steel beams but 28C can cripple the UK train network
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      2. Riotvan
        It's the same in Holland; too hot, leaves on the tracks or too cold always something happening. Meanwhile they are handing out weather alerts left and right when nothing noteworthy is really happening, bunch of softies.
        Jun 26, 2018
      3. Abhishek Chowdhary
        Abhishek Chowdhary
        28c is a pleasant weather in Rajasthan(India), 42c is manageable, 45+ is bothersome
        Jun 26, 2018
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      4. JustAnotherRando
        Are they still coming up with crazy excuses like the leaves are 20% fatter than normal?
        Jun 26, 2018
    6. m17xr2b
      Just as I've finished my end game setup I became a friend...so emotional. When do I get the golden Schlong badge and pin up poster?
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      2. bengo
        Friend status is granted once the professional opinion of Dr @David De Lucena is that your posts indicate having a confirmed psychiatric disorder (Audiophilia Nervosa). Nothing more.
        Jun 24, 2018
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      3. David De Lucena
        David De Lucena
        Oh yes, your nervosa it’s deep and chronic. Enjoy!!
        Jun 24, 2018
    7. m17xr2b
      Anyone else has a disorganised music library where you know you have great songs but forgot the name so they're nowhere to be found?
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      3. Deep Funk
        Deep Funk
        I have to resume indexing again. When I started in this hobby I was obsessed by managing gear, music and software. Making copies of FLAC-rips and playlists always kept me busy. After a while you can do this without software and just keep lists and folders...
        Jun 22, 2018
      4. m17xr2b
        Found the song I was looking for yesterday,Richard Grieco & the Dunmore Band - Voice with No Name. One of my recent great songs discoveries. Every time I find a new song I really enjoy I'm reminded why I like this hobby so much, it's not about the gear.
        Jun 22, 2018
      5. pavi
        i've really appreciated roon here...
        Jun 22, 2018
    8. m17xr2b
      LG sounds like a mid tier amp nest to the Stellaris
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      3. slankoe
        Awesome man, I was also mega-curious about DNA amps! Almost went Stratus, too. Look forward to your thoughts...
        Jun 21, 2018
      4. bengo
        If you saw the photos, it looked more like a magpie nest.. ooh, shiny!
        Jun 24, 2018
      5. bengo
        If you saw the photos, it looked more like a magpie nest.. ooh, shiny!
        Jun 24, 2018
    9. m17xr2b
      Sorry clients, I have to go back home for an emergency. Meanwhile the Stellaris is delivered.
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    10. m17xr2b
      1. Elnrik
        Good price! ... if you were getting 10 of them for it.
        May 24, 2018
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      2. spwath
        20 bids though. People actually paying that much??
        May 24, 2018
      3. m17xr2b
        I've overpayed for holy grail tubes in the past and it's not worth it. Some people have too much disposable income. I doubt it's better than BGRP, ECC32,6SN7W etc. just different
        May 24, 2018
    11. m17xr2b
      After upgrading cables and stuff my favourite input tube is no longer my favourite. Weird
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      2. Thenewerguy009
        Cables can tune the sound just as much as tubes can, as I observed. Btw which cables did you upgrade to?
        May 21, 2018
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      3. m17xr2b
        I got wywires silver mains for amp and dac. Also switched from lynx e22 to aes16 with lps and upgraded the p5 to p12.
        My old tube now sounds a bit bloated in the mids and a bit dark. Thankfully one of the other 6N1P variants that I didn't like now fits the bill nicely. Overall a good upgrade,I lost some very fine treble finesse but clarity went up a notch.
        May 22, 2018
    12. m17xr2b
      Nice quiet sunday with the Stratus...sublime
    13. m17xr2b
      To crack or not to crack? That is the question
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      3. m17xr2b
        Not giving up my day job just yet. I have an itch to build the crack again.
        May 9, 2018
      4. Elnrik
        Again? Build the crackatwoa or SEX then.
        May 9, 2018
      5. Mdkaler
        Looks like they are running a decent discount. Have fun building it and sell it for most of your money back, if not all.
        May 9, 2018
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    14. m17xr2b
      Yggy v2 warm up started. My cats are helping.
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    15. m17xr2b
      Crap, yggy upgrade due this week and I still haven't compared it to the Pavane
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      2. David De Lucena
        David De Lucena
        I would very much read your comparison!
        May 1, 2018
      3. m17xr2b
        May 3, 2018
    16. m17xr2b
      Good day today. Got a GEC 6080 and 6AS7G for pennies
      1. Cspirou
        Lucky find on the GEC tube. I hope it's functional
        Apr 22, 2018
      2. bixby
        I think I have a 6as7g with a loose base but intact vaccum someone can have for 500 pennies.
        Apr 22, 2018
      3. m17xr2b
        Both tubes are good. Still doesn't make up for all the bad ones. You win some, you loose some.
        Apr 28, 2018
    17. m17xr2b
      Trying to build a dedicated music pc with junk parts
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      2. bixby
        I saw your post, quite a nice approach. I use 3 of the same type computers, all simple desktops with good parts and they killed my Macs and high end lappys.
        Apr 22, 2018
    18. m17xr2b
      The audio gods demanded a sacrifice, a NOS 1950 WE421 was destroyed. A well worth trade.
    19. m17xr2b
      Recabling the K1K is a lot harder than it looks
      1. zerodeefex
        It looks hard.
        Mar 9, 2018
    20. m17xr2b
      Damn, now I have to get the Yggy again
      1. Scott Kramer
        Scott Kramer
        LOL, I listened to ya2 cold off the truck yesterday at noon... sounded like oatmeal or cream of rice and weird bass. This morning at 5:30 to ~8 was a damn event, wowzerz -- stunning.
        Feb 22, 2018
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  • About

    United kingdomland of fish and chips
    IT contractor
    Gear List:
    PS Audio DirectStream P12 to power everything with wywires silver and DIY power cables.

    Lynx E22 from PC and AES16 with HDPlex LPS in remote PC for transport.
    DIY DH Labs Silver Sonic D-110 AES cables

    Metrum Pavane with DAC TWO modules

    Don Audio Switch box to switch single ended output from Pavane to Teton,Peak and Saga working as a preamp for speakers. Stellaris is using Wywires Platinum balanced.

    Apex Peak with Volcano power supply(Wywires Silver IC).
    Used as a daily amp for youtube and random music. Currenty roling 6SN7 tubes. Will run 6J5 with adaptor.Tube list:
    Sylvania 6SN7W short and tall bottle
    Sylvania 6SN7GT Bad Boys
    Sylvania VT231
    Sylvania Chrome dome
    Sylvania 6F8G flat plate
    Sylvania 6SN7GTB
    Tung Sol BGRP
    Tung Sol 6F8G flat plate
    Ken Rad VT231
    Fivre Staggered plate side getter
    CBS 5682
    MELZ 1578
    CV181-Z 50 years treasure

    Apex Teton(Wywires Silver IC)
    Amazing sounding amp, just below the stellaris. Running with WE422A, GEC 6080 and ECC32. Other tubes to roll but I really don't:
    U52 MOV and Blackburn
    VT244 Sylvania,National Union,Ken Rad
    6080 Sylvania GB,Mullard,Bendix slotted and solid plate
    GEC 6AS7G
    TI 6528A 60W monster.
    Chatham 6336
    All 6SN7 tubes

    DNA Stellaris(Wywires platinum balanced)
    My big gun only for proper sessions, maybe a nice bourbon.
    Running only for HD650 config, the HD800 and AKG K1000 need a darker input tube for their best.
    WE422A with custom switch for indirect heater setting
    AVVT 2A3 Mesh

    Other tubes that are in storage
    2A3 Silverstone single plate
    KR 2A3(when they were good)
    2A3 Sylvania dual flat plate
    2A3 Ken Rad black glass
    2A3 Silvania S plate fishing pole
    All 6N1P variants and half of 6BQ7A
    There are two 6N1P-E variants with dual flat plates. One has smaller length between the two top micas and is brigter, perfect for HD650. The other one has twice or three times as much distance, made by a different factory and is darker, perfect for HD800 and K1K. Exactly the same sound otherwise.

    HD650 modded
    HD650 stock
    HD800SRD hardwired with DHC complement 4
    AKG K1000 bass heavy with Wywired Red cable

    I roll Wywires platinum/red and norne zoetic between the HD650s. Each cable has it's own synergy with either headphones on different amps with different tubes.
    HD800 and K1K(except for hot days) are rarely used.

    From Saga or Peak Preamp to amp only side of Harman Kardon 3490. The preamp section of it is crap but you can bypass it by removing the bridge and it's effectively a good power amp.

    Harbeth P3ESR main speakers on output A
    Q Acoustics 3020 for desktop on output B for youtube and stuff

    Other random stuff:
    Bottlehead BeePre with upgrades
    TBI Millenia x2
    Project ember
    HK 3390
    Heir Audio 8.0
    Bottlehead Quickie
    Various tubes like 12AU7,12AX7,6B4G,6DJ8,300B,274A and others

    Got in order, kept for a while and sold when thinning the heard for the next round of gear.
    Creative Xfi Titanium
    Bottlehead Crack
    AD Labs RD26
    Bottlehead Quickie
    TBI Millenia used as HP amp at first
    LH Labs geek 1000
    Heir Audio 8.0
    Project Ember 2.1
    Q Acoustics 2020i
    DNA Stratus
    Norne Zoetic(reterminated many many times)
    Moon 600i as amp for Abyss
    Bottlehead BeePre
    ZMF Eikon
    HD800SDR again
    Lynx E22
    DH Labs D110 transport cable
    Woo WA5LE
    Trilogy 931
    DHC Complement 4 10feet cable for hardwire HD800SDR
    Metrum Pavane Level 2
    Harbeth P3ESR
    WyWires Platinum IC
    Abyss again
    PS Audio P5
    HD650M V2(never sold original HD650M V1)
    Schiit Saga
    AKG K1000
    WyWires red and platinum HD650 cables
    WyWires Silver mains cables
    PS Audio P12
    Jensen PC-2XR
    Lynx AES16 with LPS
    Apex Teton
    Cavalli Liquid Glass
    DNA Stellaris
    Don Audio Phoenix Switch-Box
    Apex Peak/Teton
    I like things and stuff.


    Main PC->PS Audio P12->Lynx E22->digital out->Lynx AES16(LPS)->Metrum Pavane->DNA Stellaris/Apex Teton/Peak HD650M/HD800SDR/K1000 bass heavy