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  1. m17xr2b
    1. Continue contracting
    2. Accept a permanent position as a development manager, half the pay but a shit ton of experience.
    Oct 29, 2018
  2. Kunlun
    Explain clearly the next steps after the permanent position and how the position leads to them in a way contracting does not. Avoid hand-wavey "experience" as a reason, but do cite specific experience. Also: Have you talked to people who have the job you want and was the permanent position a key step to achieving it?
    Oct 29, 2018
  3. m17xr2b
    A bit drunk but here we go:
    In the perm position I will control the ERP software of a 5bil+ company and make strategic decisions of where to go next, what to use and how. I would also train devs and fulfil a life long dream of having my own team and learn that ERP to the max.
    Contracting is just $$$ and learn nothing.
    Oct 29, 2018
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  4. Elnrik
    If it all comes down to immediate compensation, compare the healthcare benefits + 401k + whatever else they offer to your contracting income. Fairly simple.

    If the experience at perm position is a means to executive position down the road, do that. My VPs make a fukton of money.
    Oct 29, 2018
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  5. famish99
    Management can make you a good amount of money (I personally find it pretty fulfilling). Even if the salary is less, you could end up with a fairly good total compensation with the amount of bonus/equity you can receive.
    Oct 29, 2018
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  6. bengo
    Which job would be more enjoyable?

    When I was younger I thought money doesn't matter. Nowadays I think that's mostly true only if you have enough of it.
    Oct 29, 2018
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  7. zonto
    There's also job security to think about too. If economic downturn hits, will the contract work still come in at the same pace? I'd bet not, as companies would likely tighten purse strings. I bet once you factor in healthcare, equity compensation, taxes, etc. that the management job likely is much less than half the pay cut.

    Think you also sold me with "life long dream."
    Oct 29, 2018
  8. neogeosnk
    You sound like someone from our erp team. Do experience, because everyone in the manufacturing industry is going to erp (dynamics 365 for us) and are stuck on old legacy systems. Plus u can parlay it into another position when you get bored.
    Oct 29, 2018
  9. m17xr2b
    Took the management position in the end. Let my reign of terror begin.
    Nov 4, 2018
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