Dunu Zen Pro iem Review - fuck me these are good

Discussion in 'IEMs and Portable Gear' started by rhythmdevils, Nov 23, 2021.

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    This good advice. Sometimes you have make a little stopper from an old tip to keep them from sliding all the way down. Also try double flange if you have any.
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    I like doing a running report on my reviews. I am set up with my best streaming system, using the SPDIF output of my P2AES in my primary speaker system. Getting the tips right seems to be an ongoing story here. I am not settled on them yet. The two different cable types are a bonus as the OCC copper cable works a lot better to control the sibilance that the Zen Pro's seem to exhibit. I am testing with a Chord Mojo and an Ayre Codex.

    The test environment includes my SE535's and LCDI4 headphones. I will bring in some other cans a bit later.

    The Zen Pro is about double the price of my SE535s, and I am impressed with them. The bass is better than I expected. I started with electronic music, BT, Joe Ford, AES DANA. Then I played a little female vocal, where the OCC cable shines. I will add more over time. Out of the gate, these are good. They need the OCC cable, and getting the tips right is a challenge.

    Here are some pictures: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0wGY3uThGXlO6I

    I have a playlist on Qobuz that has a smattering of tracks I am using:


    As a quick 9-minute test, @archimago has an exciting one:


    1/17/22 Progress report

    Yesterday and today, I started my A/B with my Shure SE535 and to my HD6xx using my Chord Mojo DAC. The source is Pi2AES SPDiF, Squeezelite on PiCorePlayer + sKit on a Ferrum HYPSOS supply.

    The Zen Pro has a richness and dynamic that I like. When the bass gets overly strong, they seem to be overwhelmed. In the Hu Track "Song of Women, with Lizzy Hale," they seem to falter. But, the Kettle Drum is just fine on the "Fanfare for the Common Man," thank you very much!

    My SE535's seem to just muddle through the tracks compared to the Zen Pro. (half the price). When I listen on the HD6xx I do not get that feeling of being in the music I get from the Zen Pro. I really do need to update those stock cables.

    I am getting a good seal with the tips I selected. They are still not at the comfort level I would want for long-term listening.

    1/18/22 Progress Report

    I really wish I could keep the Zen Pro's in my ears longer. The sound is effortless and clean. I have to try a couple of different tips tomorrow. I listened to Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here all the way through. It was almost like hearing it for the first time. Tomorrow I will pick a symphony to listen to. I will also get some time on the Zen models and then get ready to ship them on to the next person.

    1/19/22 My Last Day

    While working today I spent time rotating through the Zen, Zen Pro, and my SE535 IEMS on Dunu and the Copper cables. The Dunu cable is very good over say my stock Shure cable. But the Copper cable releases all three of the IEMS to do more of what they do! The Denu ZEN is very good, but not that much better than my SE535. The Zen Pro with the copper cable is almost magical. The pair has a musical flow or rhythm that just feels real.

    The Zen Pro should be on your shortlist for your next IEM.

    (I will ship them as soon as I get the address for the next person in-line)
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