Fostex T60RP RP Stereo Heaphones

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by omegaorgun, Jul 7, 2018.

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    I am in Japan, so I got the first one from returned it to them, then tried Eearphone. I got one that had the issue from them and exchanged it for one that again had the same problem. The 2nd time they didnt believe me and sent it off to Fostex for 3 weeks who replaced one of the drivers saying it was defective but that they had fixed it. At that point my patience was well exhausted so I just took the refund rather than try it and see if they fixed it.

    Probably should have just kept it and seen if it worked, but there was a Audio Technica AD-2000 for sale and I wanted to buy it with the money instead. Of course they sold right before they actually gave me the refund so was just fail all around lol.

    I assume Fostex will fix them for you via warranty service they seem to be well aware of the issue.

    As a side note I also bought a Dekoni Blue here in Japan which had a massive channel imbalance, so got to say T50RP based stuff leaves much to be desired on the quality control front.
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