How To Create and Close FS Threads

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    How To Create FS Threads

    Use the proper prefixes for FS threads please. There are only 3 to use.


    LF: only if you're looking for help making something DIY or something like that

    This makes FS threads easy to spot and differentiate from the other threads in the list of recent activity. Please use these prefixes so mods don't have to edit your thread titles.

    How To Close FS Threads

    Make a new post in your thread with the following sentence, tagging these two mods:

    Sold/Found/Closed etc " @shotgunshane @jexby please close this thread"

    Do not just write "sold" and expect mods to search through threads and find it. If you don't tag the mods, it is very hard for us to keep the FS section organized.

    I would advise you to create a text replacement in your phone that changes the letters "cfs" (for close for sale, or whatever you want) into the above sentence so you don't have to type it out.
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