HiFiMan SUSVARA "Review" and Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphone Measurements' started by Marvey, May 27, 2017.

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    Odd, ain't it?

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    Susvara vs HEKV2 = Susvara having more depth and dimension with greater neutrality & realism making the HEKV2 sound colored, by comparison.

    Susvara vs LCD-4=I dunno...

    Susvara vs Utopia= Susvara larger, deeper and less forward with better trebles and bass over the smaller closer sounding Utopia. Susvara realism is slightly above the Utopia as well by a detectable margin.

    Susvara vs Abyss Phi= on par in realism. Loses out to Phi in bass overall, and in mid-range involvement.
    The Phi is able to more easily discern or pick out micro detailing in mid-range area by a slight amount.
    while Susvara have an edge over the Phi in treble emphasis, and soundstage placement is about 8feet further away,
    The Susvara presentation is also more relaxed over the Phi, which has a more immersive and taller sound over Susvara.

    The Abyss Phi and Susvara are both in same Sonic league,
    and Phi also eclipse the Susvara on a few points mentioned, plus it is way more efficient .

    Those that have a Susvara owe it t to themselves to check out the Abyss Phi to see if they like it.
    Remember the Susvara still has the edge on soundstage, which may or may not be important depending on your gear...
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    I have the Phi and love it....I have heard the HE1000v2 which I think is excellent....the potential problem to me with the Susvara is the need for power beyond what is necessary for the likes of LCD-4,Phi,HE1000v2 and Utopia....

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