Bryston 2B LP old power amps - problems

Discussion in 'Power Amps' started by wormcycle, Jun 7, 2018.

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    On my speaker system I got tired of the slightly synthetic sound of Emotiva XPA-2 1 Gen and, because my headphone stack is Bryston, I decided to try Bryston power amp but did not want to spend lot of money. I got two 2B LPs with the plan to bridge them and use with Totem Hawks. I was aware that the load impedance each amp will see will be cut by half but forgot that my speakers are 6 Ohms. 2B is rated at 4 Ohm minimum and I am running them with 3 Ohm load.

    Now I do not worry that much about max power, I listen to music at very moderate to low volume but here are my questions:
    1. what is the audible impact on SQ of 4 Ohm amp with 3 Ohms load? I have to say that in any case the bass is better, more and better controlled, instrument separation and speed is better then with XPA-2. I started with DC-1 as a dac and preamp but it was awful: dry, elevated treble, lots of details but in a bad sense. I tried DAC Magic Plus and the sound completely changed, still great bass and details a lot more enjoyable and musical
    2. 2B LPs have gain setting: is there any good or bad gain setting in this case.

    2Bs do not have power switch and when I use a power bar to turn them on, there is a pop in the speakers, not very loud but annoying, and it is pretty ok if I keep the right sequence of powering on the components.
    I am planning to get a RPi relay board with four units and write some scripts to start and stop in right sequence and appropriate delays, but this is a long term project.

    If someone has done it please send me a message or respond.

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