Camera Resolution (Digital and Analog)

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    yes quality aside, film seems to make me create better images. I’m trying to work through it but I still like the images I make with medium format film better than digital. Part of it in addition to having limited exposures is feeling the physicality of making something when you take a film photograph. That’s huge. There’s also the ground glass. Making a photograph looking through ground glass is so much richer than a viewfinder. Alec Soth once said that he photographed just to make images on the ground glass of his 8x10 camera. Then there’s not being able to see the result right away, forcing you to think more and previzualize more. Use a light meter and think way more about your surroundings.

    but I must say I prefer editing an image on the computer vs the darkroom (except for the community in the darkroom back in college which is irreplaceable). I hate scanning negatives and I love how with digital you edit the image once and you’re done. In the darkroom every time you want another print you have to start all over again. And there’s so much guess and check that’s eliminated with photoshop/Lightroom/whatever.

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