Custom Turntable Linear Power Supply

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    Hi everyone,

    My analog chain looks like this: AT-LP-DCVTA-E table (drop collab) > PS Audio Stellar Phono > Jadis Orchestra Black > JBL Studio 590 speakers.

    I've been dealing with mains leakage in my analog chain for months, always a ~60Hz buzz. I've tried all the tricks to eliminate a ground loop to no avail. The turntable comes with a small 12V 500mA tiny power supply. Out of desperation, I wondered if maybe that was the problem? I have a benchtop variable power supply I use for projects that I hooked up and the hum WAS GONE! Completely silent!

    Ecstatic, I got to work and built myself a prototype linear power supply using a spare 14VAC transformer I had lying around. Same result as the benchtop. Silent. I'm curious if anyone else here has experimented with better supplies on devices that came with cheap wall bricks? I know the phono amplification process is especially susceptible to noises, but am curious.

    I'll get some pictures and show the schematic of my design if there's interest.

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