Drop + Etymotic ERX IEM Review and Measurements

Discussion in 'IEMs and Portable Gear' started by purr1n, Aug 2, 2022.

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    Fitment question (and I guess this applies to Evo) and hope I explain it well enough - my ear canals are pretty differently angled. As point of reference, I have a Mee Pinnacle PX it has 2 things working against it with my ears:
    1. Due to the ear canal angle vs the nozzle to body angle of the IEM, they end up sticking out at the "bottom" - the IEM body/part near my ear lobe and this causes the over ear portion of the cable to become a "flapping in the breeze and pulling it out of my ear" cable frequently.
    2. The nozzle is pretty shallow, so getting a good fit is tough if it doesn't neatly tuck in to your concha.
    Anything in the form factor of like the JVC FD* and Noble are too shallow and angle doesn't lever well for grip, and the best has been the Massdrop Plus.

    The Evo/ER-X have a different design which looks like a better fit (it looks kinda close to the Massdrop Plus, but hard to tell...from the few pictures I've seen), but it's similar enough to give me pause at $250 - the tonality sounds like what I want in an IEM so if any of you (I know Marv had the PX or P1 back in the day) can comment I'd really appreciate it.
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    i can't comment on whether it will fit you ears, but i had the fdx01 for a while and the erx is a much deeper and more secure fit. there are a few tip styles, and they do fit differently from each other. tge fdx01 was a more flat and round shape whereas the erx has a more ear molded shape a bit. so for me it sits in my inner ear deeply and hugs the shape of my outer ear nicely. so it seems possible it might fit your needs, but hard to say. etymotic probably has a good return policy. I'm sure you could get them and if they really didn't fit return them... just a thought.

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