FluxLab FA-10 powerful headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Product Announcements' started by FluxMan, Apr 25, 2020.

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    I've got the 22 and 12, had the 10 for a month or so. Similar voicing in the line, oversimplifying:

    FA-10: I believe this was the first, and plays no particular favorites between bass\mid\treble in it's voicing. "Special skill" in the line is it puts out a lot of power....this is a good juice-hungry cans choice.

    FA-12: Highlights the bass, slightly warms and thickens the FA-10 sound. "Special skill" is fully balanced.

    FA-12S: Single-ended out only version of FA-12...cheaper.

    FA-22: Highlight mid's\dynamics.....takes the house sound a bit faster\more detailed, but also a little thinner in tone.

    All above is of course "to my ears"..... more experienced ears mileage may vary. The " line tone" to me shades neutral with a bit of warmth. I've been comparing this week to the Liquid GX I got last Saturday. It's like the LauX and the Jot 2 had a baby, while the Lyr 3 with a JJ tube watched from the closet. The LauX has a bit deeper soundstage with a real impressive rich delivery......the FA-22 rocks a bit harder\faster....doesn't have the hint o' roll-off that I get with LauX. I think the FA-22 plays nice with the Bifrost 2 and the LauX is more a DAC 2541 partner (for me). At the under $1k level, I think the Flux amps are very solid.
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    Yah, I’m a newbie user and you don’t know me, but it sucks that this board doesn’t have any experience with this Flux series of amps so here’s my datapoint. Take it with a grain of salt as there is a bunch of amps I’ve never heard.

    I’ve owned the Flux FA-12 for about 9 months and I can compare it to the THX 789 for reference.

    Chain is pi2aes->Denafrips Ares 2 balanced ->THX 789/Flux Fa-12->Anandas

    First off, the thx 789 does not play well with Ares 2. Something about it oversharpens the treble to fatiguing levels. THX 789 is a way better match with my old Modi 3. If I were to guess it’s a high frequency noise that is fatiguing but cannot be heard. Going single ended from ares 2->thx amp alleviates it slightly.

    The Flux FA-12 is warmer while still having good treble presence. The presentation is far more nuanced and dynamic with more micro detail, but it doesn’t try to shove that detail at you. Sound stage actually exists on it in comparison to the thx amp which IMO doesn’t have any.

    Mids/bass are again more nuanced/detailed, but it’s not a night and day difference like the treble. The two regions are warmer in comparison to the 789, but I think still closely neutral sounding. Micro dynamics are better on the flux amp, but big sub bass slam is pretty similar.

    If I were to give an edge to the thx it’s probably it’s black background and ability to reveal poorly recorded tracks. The Flux amp just makes all my crap pop, K-pop and J-pop sound more pleasing and less grating. The background just seems less black on the Flux amp though.

    The flux amp relays emotion much, much better. My benchmark for this is Cat Steven’s Father and Son. You can hear and feel the emotion from him particularly around 1:00-1:30 minute Mark with the FA-12. The THX amp makes the song feel lifeless in comparison.

    For IEM’s I still prefer the Flux amp, but since it has no summing circuit it’s a pain to use single ended and have to switch cables.

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