FS: Drop x EMU Purpleheart [EU]

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    I got these 1.5 months or so ago and liked them a lot for music. Found the bass a bit overwhelming and ended up modding them with Dynamat according to @Hands' suggestions and liked them even more. They've got a very solid tonality, clarity, and overall frequency response+extension and run super easy from any source. I could easily have them as my only headphone, I don't see that I'm missing details or such when I listen to them.

    Unfortunately, the on-ear fit doesn't work for me for extended use. I find that I'm not using them nearly as much as the HD6XX through a workday, and I prefer the Steelseries Arctis 3 for longer gaming sessions. I'd say probably these have gotten ~15 hours of use in total.

    I've hesitated a lot in my decision but I'm letting them go so that someone else can enjoy them

    I paid 74 (Drop) + 28.5 (Customs) = 102.5 Euro for them.

    I would like 70 Euro + shipping
    (should be approx. 80 Euro in total, based on shipping rates I can see)
    No wait times from Drop, no need to find Dynamat to mod :)

    Pictures to be added, but they're in perfect condition. No scratches or anything.
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