FS: Genuine !!! Telefunken CCa (selected E88cc) NOS tube

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    I´m selling a genuine Telefunken CCa NOS tube, which I bought as a spare from a reliable German seller in 2007 for my Octave V40. Finances have been suffering badly because of Corona restrictions, so keeping spares is too much of a luxury...
    I already had to sell my beloved modded ATH-W3000Anv (so I am really no more an Audio Technica high priest)...

    The tube is in mint NOS condition, just the stamp printing on the tube has become unreadable.

    Pretty much all Telefunken CCa and E88cc tubes are fakes nowadays! Real ones are extremely rare.
    This CCa does truly sound fantastic in most devices and excells with resolution, micro-dynamics, holographic sound stage and frequency response extension. However, if your audio device is unusually prone to tube noise, I rather recommend the E188CC type in general. I also don´t see the point buying such expenive tubes if your tube amp or dac ist not pretty much TOTL in the first place.

    When interested in this kind of tube, informing oneself about fakes is an absolute must.
    A good reference page can be found with jacmusic (Telefunken is discussed specifically as well):
    One of the most important things to look for is the diamond shape at the bottom. If it´s not there it is not a genuine Telefunken tube. If it is there one should check if it is genuine (molded with the tube glass) or lasered. Yes the NOS tube mafia has gone to great lenghts faking expensive tubes... The lasered ones are an indication for fakes. Lasered ones are negative (glass material is taken away). With real molded ones the diamond sign is positive (outlines slightly protruding).
    From what I know, these professionally prepared fakes are on the market since about ten years now and are (knowingly or unknowingly) even being offered by reputable sellers...

    Fixed price of 325 € + actual shipping cost. Delivery within EU only.
    Paypal friends (or PayPal goods at extra %) or bank transfer.
    Offer will be exclusively here for about two weeks, before it goes up on Ebay
    Telefunken-CCA-1-small.jpg Telefunken-CCA-2-small.jpg Telefunken-CCA-4-small.jpg Telefunken-CCA-3-small.jpg
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