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    Imraan's Giant Gear Purge:
    AKA - I'm moving and need to downsize.

    Schiit Gugnir Multibit Gen 3 USB ver. A1 230V
    Schiit Mjolnir 2 230V
    I will incl. WE396A Tubes matched pair from Brent Jesse with about 500Hrs on them, and a working pair of Schiit LISST for SBAF Friends/Contributors

    USD 1650 plus Shipping via EMS (Expect USD 100/150 or so)
    It's an easy send to Schiit for a voltage swop and warranty refresh and possible upgrade in the process from within the states...

    HD800S Cork Trapezoid and Rugliner (Includes stock SE and Bal Cables plus 4ft LQi Sony4.4mm Cable) [Boxed, one cosmetic blemish on box and on headphone grill)
    USD 975 Shipped EMS


    LFF Paradox Slant and 2 week old Alpha Pads (Mint, no box but have Geekria Case)
    Includes 8ft braided Bal cable, short SE cable and 4ft LQi 4.4mm Sony Cable
    USD 475 Shipped EMS

    HD650 KISS Modded (Some cosmetic flaking, I replaced the headband with a new HD600 one. Pads are also less than 4 months old. No box but have Geekria Case)
    Includes short PETEREK 3.55 SE Cable
    Stock Cable terminated to BAl + SE Pigtail
    4ft LQi 4.4MM Sony Cable
    USD 200 Shipped EMS

    Presonus Eris E8 (Pair) [Incl. Mackie Big Knob Passive, BAL and SE Cables]
    USD 350 Shipped EMS

    UMIK-1 USB
    USD 65 Shipped EMS

    Misc IEMS and Cables and Tubes
    -Shure Se215 (Old but perfect working order)
    -Sennheiser android earbuds w mic
    -Rando cables and Hengia headphone desk hangars
    -Matsushita and Vhoskod tubes, perfect working order, great for Lyr/Vali

    USD 150 shipped EMS (Must go together)

    Schiit Lyr 1 230V
    Pay shipping =/- USD 50 and it's free

    (V Bad) Photos are here. I'm under a lot of time pressure, but if you need more/better photos or have questions please reach out.

    Thanks for looking!
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