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Discussion in 'Headphones' started by Meteora, Nov 13, 2015.

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    Mhm, I can agree with this, I've noticed the same thing when the k1000 landed at my place for some reworks.
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    Some pictures of what I did: https://imgur.com/a/sbytyAq

    I had a bunch of extra blu tak and it worked out pretty nicely for giving some space between the drivers and my ears. The blu tak on the hinge is to hold the drivers at the angle I wanted with respect to the vertical, and the pads are attached to the he 6/ blu tak with double sided tape.

    You know how when you're taking off your headphones you sometimes hear the bass get really big sounding at a certain angle/distance? I get some of that effect with the extra distance and angle that I've added, as well as a dramatically larger soundstage. You can see in the before pictures that the way I was wearing them with vegan pads was very sub optimal for HRTF.

    Edit: bass and soundstage weren't quite as massive as yesterday when I was messing around with my hands. I pointed the drivers even further outward on the vertical and that solved it. That meant more Blu Tak to fill the extra space, added the final form in the same album I posted :). Absolute sub bass cannon now.

    Edit 2: Alas! no more than 24 hours after getting everything set up the headband decided to crap out on me on the right side where the plastic with the He 6 logo connects to the leather. I think I've experienced every aspect of Hifiman's poor craftsmanship at this point (I even swapped headbands with my 6 screw He 6 because I noticed it was more symmetrical in how far it allowed both cups to swivel forward), I guess I should've seen it coming with the tension that was created by widening out the headband.

    Me being the unrelenting optimist that I am, I saw this as a nice opportunity to explore the possibility of an even more extreme version of the mod I've done. What if....I stack 2 pads on top of each other??? Never would I have a better chance to satiate my curiosity than now, so I decided to break off the side that was still intact and then reconnect the headband in a way that gave me even more room to work with.

    I used Blu tak as the initial connection, wrapped it with tons of packing tape, and then wrapped that in black adhesive felt for comfort and I guess aesthetics...:D I got my Ether c flow pads and coated the back with double sided tape (its some shitty $2 elmers tape dispenser, very reversible), after sticking them on top the psuedo vegans, I got clear tape and wrapped it around where the pads connect to assure there would be no air gaps. The prototype is complete!


    I ended up making the size too extreme, and I should've also considered adjusting the angle at which the headband connects to make it more comfortable, it's far from refined, but i see a lot of potential. Imaging is not quite as pin point but it is still respectable, and could be improved with tighter symmetry between drivers, soundstage and bass are both comically large, although the stage gained more in width than other dimensions so it isn't quite as 3d sounding (I'll be messing around with how to fix this) and detail retrieval is almost on par with before. Things like the hands clapping in the middle of Song for the Man by Beastie Boys might be a tiny bit harder to notice, but they weren't something that I easily noticed before either. As a matter of fact as I was righting this I just heard some transients in a dubstep mix for the first time. Electronic music has been dramatically enhanced, bass hits harder, and is boosted in the 40-80 hz region now as well as the boost I got from the initial mod, the He 6 is in basshead territory now, but manages to do so with minimal bleed into the mids, only showing up in highly compressed sections like the intro to Kingdom by Devin Townsend Project.

    I have to turn up the volume a bit more to get similar SPL which was to be expected, I might end up having to crack open the F5 to adjust voltage (I probably won't compare the f5 and Vidar until I settle on a more permanent HE 6 configuration).

    Comfort is very poor, but I can fix that by taking the headband apart again and setting it up in a more optimal fashion (hopefully I can clean up the imaging and stage in the same step). I'm going to try and make this work, I'm pretty sure the soundstage is now larger than any headphone other than the k1000, and this set up has the unique quality of having both a massive soundstage and massive bass, something that seems hard to find in the headphone world. This thread is turning into my diary so I'm hoping I'll still have room to keep editing this post :D.

    Edit 3: I thought about it and the diameter to thickness ratio of the pad stack was going to leave me with a much more 2d sounding stage compared to before, I would need something more like an extreme version of Grado jumbo pads to be able to maintain a 3d stage while making it huge, and I'm not really in a position to be dabbling with custom pads, so the hifiman K1000 will be left on the back burner for a few years down the road.

    I settled on vegan pads plus blu tak extension, and fixed the headband with velcro and adhesive felt, I skipped on the tape after realizing the felt I have is actually significantly stickier. The headphone has nearly 75 grams of blu tak on it now as well as some additional weight from all the adhesive materials I used, and the eye balled nature of my headband reconstruction naturally meant it wasn't a perfect fit, far from it (too wide and a bit too low). I mulled it over for a while, then I decided to try integrating a headband as a pseudo lohb strap, and I have to say, It fixed both my issues perfectly :). The headband provides both the upward and inward forces I needed to get the HE 6 right where I needed it, and it also helps distribute the weight more evenly. THe He 6 is actually more comfortable now than it was before the headband broke. Some pictures of the current state.

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    I love my HE-6 paired with Aleph 3. I have owned it for longer than I can remember. And I preferred it to HD-800 most of the time. Recently, I built an Amp Camp Amp. While testing it and compare it with Aleph 3, it just make me re-appreciate it again. :p

    While ACA can drive HE-6 nicely, how ever HE-6 shows me how much deeper/wider and yet intimate at the same time Aleph is capable of. F5 has been my dream to build for it next.\/

    If I may side-track to another question briefly, I really like to find a pair of speaker that is as capable and refined as HE-6 for a small listening room (10x10). I have a pair of Philharmonitors and like it, but again and again HE-6 just show me it is not possible to reach the same level with my speaker.

    I would really appreciate someone has experience on both worlds to share a good P/C ones!! :bow:

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