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    Foreword: A interesting breath of fresh air in the IEM world. A hybrid design that uses a dynamic driver, balanced armatures and a ceramic piezoelectric tweeter (a la Radius?).

    Frequency Response
    FR (CM).png

    • Something of a W-response going on here. Not a lot of midbass slam but a lot of subbass rumble.
    • 10k spike is definitely present and brings quite a bit of definition to percussions.
    • Not a lot of lower midrange presence which makes instruments sound a little thin.
    Impulse (L).png Impulse (R).png

    • Very, very clean impulse response. Sharp initial peak, zeroes out real fast with barely any linger.
    • Not sure if it correlates, but the CE-5 does evoke a very "clean" feel to its notes.
    CSD (L).png CSD (R).png

    • No coherency issues that pop up on CSD here. Hyla's implementation of three technologies seem to be working well.
    THD (L).png THD (R).png
    • Pretty much expected, the twin BAs working the midrange introduces third order distortion to that particular frequency band.
    • Just like most other hybrids, bass remains low in THD. No farty BA woofers.

    Impedance Reactivity
    • I forgot to do this. Setting reminder.

    Additional Notes
    • Main glaring issue with the CE-5 seem to be timbre. Vocals don't have enough weight and sounds rather sterile and lifeless at times.
    • Harshness can be experienced with plucked and strummed instruments in particular, possibly due to the huge 2-5k emphasis? It's a clean sound, but not something that I'd want to listen to for hours. Very in-your-face and overpowering.
    • Bass is something that I absolutely adore on this IEM. The midbass hits are fast and clear while the subbass have a feeling of "pushing air" that satisfies the raging basshead in me. For me at least, a solid 10/10. I want this bass in all my IEMs.
    • Foamies do help in alleviating the thinness and intensity issues that I've experienced in silicone tips. However, they do smear the bass a little, which is a compromise that I don't really want to take.
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    These look interesting, particularly their bass, do you reckon the timbre issue is a result of that 200hz-1khz void or something more fundamental like the driver/crossover/enclosure design? Just trying to figure out if I could live with a weightless midrange, I'm struggling to figure out the last time I've listened to anything with that characteristic.

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