Hypex UCD 180

Discussion in 'Power Amps' started by Gallic Dweller, May 11, 2019.

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    Bought this s/hand from another member of the WD forum. It's Hypex through out - separate double insulated potted 160VA tx per channel/ slit foil capacitors/high speed rectifier bridge/low o/put impedance etc. etc.

    It's been used with unbalanced connections but is rec. by Hypex to be used in balanced. mode. As I use the Stereo Coffee volueme control/preamp I will have to use the unbalanced mode but I've been in touch with Chris Daley about a second o/put board so I can use it in balnced mode.

    Always wanted to try a Hypex Class D amp and use balanced connections But I will have to wait as My Kenwood KD 990 has it's operating PCB removed to for recapping and surprisingl;y my Project SE Box CDP which has been boxed up for over 6 years has developed 2 major problems.

    Once the Kenwood is back in operation I will post my findings on the Hypex - vamos a ver.

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