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Discussion in 'Headphone Amplifiers and Combo (DAC/Amp) Units' started by GoodEnoughGear, May 4, 2018.

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    I'm not sure if the question about what goes into the cost of a more expensive amp than the V281 is a serious question, but I think the answer is pretty simple - parts cost, labor and R&D. Also, if you are buying it from a dealer (like in the US) there is an overhead cost that commensurate with the base cost.
    If someone has provided a breakdown of the costs of a Nimbus I'd look just like everyone else, but without having seen that I'm guessing there are just as many improvements to parts (based on the thread at the other forum) as the other two (labor and R&D).
    I don't begrudge anyone who buys or sells this, but at these prices I'd get a used BHSE or something similar and switch to stats full time.
    I'd also add that I suspect this amp has less markup than Apex amps, Cavalli amps back in the day or the like - again, IMHO.
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    Allow me to add context. Quite a few members have deep pockets and are seriously into this shit. Some have TT setups ranging from $10k to $55k+. I myself am on the lower end of this high roller TT club. This is something I absolutely am NOT proud of.

    A handful of members have already gone down the deep end, chasing the big man, chasing the dragon, with disasterous results, not to their sound systems, but to their personal lives, their finances, their livelihoods, etc.

    It's not that SBAF dislikes expensive gear, but we dislike folks who chase the dragon when it's so obvious that they are not prepared. The knight who embarks on the task to slay the dragon undoubtedly has spent years, if not decades preparing for this, and is likely also very well funded.

    So pardon us if randos, who seem very obviously unprepared, start spouting off on $6k amps as if they were ancient dragons sitting atop a mountain of sonic gold. We are not fools. If the V281 did not already achieve at least an A- rating (it's more like a solid B-) on SBAF, then why should their ridiculously priced $6k unit be given further consideration?

    We should have a rule. Anyone espousing the $6k+ stuff on SBAF better be able to speak to the rare gems of the past or true giant killer solutions, e.g. Pioneer M22, Theta Gen V, JBL 4698b, Altec VOTT, plenum rated CAT6 speaker cable, etc. -and- also have a life and hobbies outside of audio.

    The SBAF Magic Eight Ball has worked 98% of the time. For the 2% of the time we were wrong, we ate our words.

    Now if you want mutual adulation, a pat on the back, or confirmation, start a thread on HF. You will get plenty there. I don't bullshit my friends and tell them that long distance love relationships work in the long term.
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    I did recently listened to one, and I find it to basically be a "V281++" with a lot of treble rolloff by solid state amp standards. I owned the V281 a couple years back and it's an okay amp, potentially a great pairing for something like the HD800 or HD650 if you can find one at the right price.

    The GSX mk2 is, as you mentioned, very sharp and quick. There's some finer control issues with the treble but overall it's a very technically accomplished piece. Some headphones will play better with the GSX2's signature and others the Niimbus. I was very happy with the GSXmk2/Mysphere 3.2 combo as well as using it on the LCD3. With the Niimbus and the stock Mysphere 3.2 the treble was dampened a bit too much for my tastes and overall synergy was not great. I also tried the Ether 2 on it, which worked much better. It's a very nice amp for the Ether 2's.

    When you can find the Mass Kobo 394 - a personal favorite and something that is a step up from the GSX2 - new for $4k, and the Formula S for even less, I really can't see a single reason to justify the Niimbus at $6k. Even if you really, really want a warm-ish no-compromise solid state amp, there's the Pass HPA1. Or just get a used INT40 and an adapter. If the price were halved, though, it would be a really interesting competitor in the high-end solid state space.
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