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Discussion in 'Headphone Measurements' started by purr1n, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Man, these sound alot like my modded HD650s which means I love them very much. Treble is a bit more present but not fatiguing except after really long listening sessions - I never get fatigue with the HD650. Midrange is a little more pushed back than the HD650 but is a little clearer. The HD650s midrange is closer to you but seems to have more depth. HD650s bass is a bit fuller but the Elex sounds a tad bit more articulate - this might be because there is less of it. I'm struggling here because the two sound ALOT like to me. I can switch to the TR-X00 or K7XX after listening to either the Elex or HD650 and say to myself "ok THIS sounds different".

    Again lol, these two sound so close to me that even though I got a like new Elex for $500 I feel like I overpaid. BUT, they sound different enough that I did find songs I preferred on one or the other - though not whole genres like with a TR-X00 and HD650 comparison. Like the Alabama Shakes "You Ain't Alone" leans toward harsh on the Elex but is just right on the HD650s. On well recorded/mastered material its a toss up between the two. I can't remember off the top of my head which songs I preferred with the Elex but I do remember saying wow a couple of times while listening to thicker sounding mid-90s R&B.

    All this means is that my K7XX will find a new home soon. It looks like I will have to sell them for $100 though. 3 headphones is my personal limit although the ZMF Autuers and Aeolus have piqued my interest a small bit.

    I may modify this post later. I'm at work and I have only owned the Elex for about 36 hours.
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