Noble Savant IEM Measurements and Review (Succinct)

Discussion in 'IEM Measurements' started by purr1n, Jun 11, 2016.

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    I dont know why

    but to get this IEM to perform to maximum
    AGDR O2 with Booster board or AGDR CMOY will only do

    Output impedance from the amp should be flat 0ohms
    you cannot enjoy it from other amp

    it is not a failure in Sonic
    but they should have seen the impedance before making this IEM

    the brittle mids is due to peak on 2.5kHz on impedance
    Veil is due to the dip after that in impedance

    and artificial treble is due to crazy rising impedance chart

    And if this chart is dampened by some CR circuit will kill all sonic ability

    well i can correct its mids issue with two CR circuit in parallel, but the laser sharp detail some review guys mention on their review will be lost and treble will become normal

    anyone up with DIYing this IEM
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