[S] [USA-PA] Leica M240, 7artisans 35F2, many accessories.

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    Decided the digital M isn't for me and I will keep my m3. User condition, I tried getting my lighting to really highlight every little brassing mark or scratch they are not as in your face in normal lighting. A shelf queen she was not, but works like a charm. Focus is dead on with my 3 M lenses. I have the stock box, accessories, and even the cardboard outer for it. I may or may not have the hot shoe cover I will dig through the box and look for it as I never took the thumbs up off. I just today redid the leather with kit from aki-asahi photographed with the new leather, it fit great and feel wonderful. It would make an absolute great turnkey step into Digital M for somebody who will appreciate it more than me.

    Looking for $2750 Shipped/paypal'd in the USA.

    If you don't want the lens $2550 all in.

    If you want to jsut buy the lens $200 all in.


    M240 in black paint, tastefully brassing :)

    7artisans 35F2(bought from KEH a few months back as EXC) with caps

    Leica EVF-2 with carry pouch.

    Leica Handgrip M 14496

    Hoage Thumb up

    3 Batteries

    Generic body cap

    Stock Charger and strap

    Original boxes and documentation including the outer cardboard box box.

    Pics of the gear with timestamp and some photos taken with it and the lens: https://imgur.com/a/AOluKiB

    If you have any questions please let me know, I only take paypal, I will invoice. Not currently looking for trades. I live in Eastern PA, so if a local pick up is desired I can reduce the price to reflect the savings of PP/Shipping.

    I can provide ebay and other forum feedback if desired.

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