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    I bought these along with the Flats (almost at the same time). Mainly for exercise and work. Paid like $40. They fold neatly for storage, and the cup cushion is quite plushy.


    While comfort is pretty good, they do tend to get hot on the ears after a while. The main complain I read about them is that these are bass-lite. And indeed they can be. It depends on how hard they press on the head, which may be a function of head shape. To me they are bass-lite.

    They are also not the most smooth headphones. I don't hate them, but I actually like Koss headphones better than this. These are quite practical and nice looking however.

    Here is the frequency response:

    Note that on measurements, the cups can press harder on the mic than on some people heads. So again, on some heads these might be well balanced. On others, not so much.

    Distortion right:

    Distortion Left:

    CSD right:

    CSD left:

    I doubt many here will find these interesting. But many casual folks might. I would recommend to pass on these and get the PortaPro's. The Koss might look a bit more out dated in terms of looks (to some). But IMO the Koss are more consistent and sound better over all. For exercise, I also find the Koss cause less heat build up around the ears. So more comfortable.
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