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    cool thanks, this is a really nice explanation, I do like Dark Sound especially with the Lana Del Rey, I have some sort of obsession with this, just sounds so good to my ears.

    The only thing I am yet to understand is how Equalizers really work, because I have Peters EQ recommended to me by some friends on ASR, however to me it really sucks and the reason I say this is because I don't understand the complexity of the "Pre Amplifying" "Prevent Clipping" option I don't know what they do.

    Now what I did instead I enabled the Equalizer in Foobar and when I upped the 55hz to +15 db it distorted I think they call this clipping, but I clicked Auto Level, apparently what this did was bring it back down to 0db and instead reduced everything else to -15db and it have exactly the effect I wanted. Which is getting some actual bass on my HD58x Jubilee.

    I went back in Peters EQ and tried this and it didn't do anything, I had to use the Pre Amplifying thingy.

    Interestingly in my Xonar DG if I switch back to my sound card and I up the 30hz by +15db it doesn't Clip for some reason but it also doesn't reduce the other frequencies where I need to upp the volume a lot.

    What I don't know at this point is am I at any disadvantage by going 0db 55hz and -15db on everything higher? is this messing with my vocals? or is all that is required is increasing current to compensate for everything? even tho its at -15db?

    Is going 0db and -15db better than +15db 55hz and 0 db on everything else?

    Learning how to EQ has made me feel less guilty of wasting money on a D30 and Liquid Spark AMP since it wasn't any big step above my Xonar DG budget card. Cause the more current in the Spark seems to be useful for equalizing. But I don't know how this works and I don't know if I am distorting my mid range etc by doing this

    And should I upp anything below 55hz? so far just messing with 55hz has been a very nice experience. But I have not seen any option in foobar to mess with anything below 55hz the lowest is 55hz unless I need a different DSP plugin or something.

    I still don't know if I am supposed to leave everything at 0 db tho, but open backs kinda suck when it comes to bass thats the only reason I an compelled to mess with bass frequency.

    Any assistance with this issue is very much appreciated as it is the only thing that has been troubling my mind. I am also trying to justify this purchase of D30 and Liquid Spark because there is only a small improvement in clean sound over my xonar DG. I am also afraid to mess with the EQ because it may introduce distortion which may defeat the whole reason I bought this external DAC and AMP. Increasing distortion on the DAc and AMP would make me feel like I Wasted money and should have stuck to the sound card xonar dg
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    Moved you post here, since this probably deserves a separate thread.

    Yup. With equalizers it's safer to reduce than to boost.

    There is a trade off. Open back headphones like the HD58x are less linear below 55 Hz. As long as the sound does not get muddied up then you should be good.

    Unless the DAC clips and/or the Amp goes into it's non-linear region, more than likely distortion will be dominated by the headphone itself.

    If the improvement you get with the D30 + Liquid Spark is not significant over the Xonar DG. I would not keep them. I would stay with the Xonar.
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