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Discussion in 'Bloom Audio' started by Bloom, Feb 20, 2020.

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    Hey all. Popping in for another ~monthly post. Things at Bloom have been great and although we're still a really small "mom and pop shop," the longer I get immersed in the community, the more I realize how much I hope this can be a lifelong job for me. It's been awesome so far (we only just launched last May). Anyway, one of my very favorite brands to work with has been Audeze. Everyone over there is so passionate and dedicated, and every interaction I've had with them (even in getting support for DOA stuff) has been excellent. So I recently decided to double down in the amount of stuff we offer from them, even stocking more obscure stuff like their yoke replacement kits (which a lot of my friends have used to mod their headphones). Anyway, here is our current collection from Audeze: If you ever have any interest in their stuff, feel free to reach out. Happy to help!
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