The Cap, Aluminum Body Cap for the Denon DL103 Review.

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    Dampers fatigue as well and often more than folks realize. They're often done before a high contact stylus is. Nice thing about the 103 is that it doesn't need a lot of HF loading. I've had cartridge's that needed as much as 4700pf and have been aware of others that needed more. I know some folks don't like to use capacitance but it's often the right way and polystyrenes are good. I once did a resistor and cap in series to better tailor the top of certain DV, beside the loading resistor. Started the roll lower and at a slightly shallower rate. Lowering only resistance to tame the top often overdamps the bass. Most LO MCs need a bit of both with a high gain phone stage( when not using a matching transformer). Can't believe I skipped FR cartridges in my last post. Old age.o_O
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