Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10

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    Foreword: No need for much introductions but I'll do it anyway. One of the multi-BA revolutionaries when it released in 2006, the TF10's reputation stemmed from its going price of $99 during numerous Black Friday sales and have been a staple "reshell model" for many IEM enthusiasts throughout the decade.

    Frequency Response
    FR (CM).png

    • Warm, downward sloping response. There is a little bit of higher treble shimmer (around 10-11k) but has a dulled midtreble response.
    • Soft notes, not particularly sharp around the edges but does make for a non-fatiguing experience. The technical ability does show its age.
    Impulse (CM).png

    • A little bit of linger going on but relatively free of any massive rubberbanding. Nothing really exceptional but also nothing to fault.
    CSD (L).png CSD (R).png

    • Nothing wrong on CSD. Stable decay.

    THD (L).png THD (R).png

    • Those BA drivers really showing off their third-order distortion on paper. Subjectively speaking, the pervasive warmth does help to mask any plasticky timbre commonly associated with BAs.
    Impedance Reactivity

    • Expect treble to be killed with increasing output impedance. With the TF10 being already pretty warm, near-zero Zout sources are highly recommended.

    Additional notes
    • Horrendous fit but you probably already know that.
    • Timbre and tonality still holds up pretty well, even if transients are little smeared and blurred at times.
    • DO NOT USE FOAM ON THESE. Turns them into a muddy mess.

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