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  1. PTS
    House air conditioner turning on is creating a voltage spike that causes power to dip in the rest of the house, and the signal from my M-22 to cut out for a second.
    Sep 28, 2020
  2. Ksaurav402
    CVT -Constant Volatge transformer will help in providing constant voltage and help against spike as well. But they need to be keep out of listening room or Servo transformer can well.
    Sep 28, 2020
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  3. rtaylor76
    Isn't that a sign that your starter cap in your AC motor is going bad. I wonder if you replaced it would it improve the voltage spikes on the rest of your line.
    Sep 28, 2020
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  4. PTS
    @rtaylor76 Good point, I had read something about issues with spikes and AC motor startup last night, so will get our tech to check that ASAP.
    Sep 28, 2020
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