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  1. Vtory
    Aren't there any interesting amps to your liking made in Japan? Just curious. Not only large companies but also many small or individual manufacturers there if I remember correctly.
    Feb 26, 2021
  2. Raimei Templar
    Raimei Templar
    Surprisingly not so much, its primarily about speakers/ easy to drive IEMs here, loads of options for them. Teac,Fostex and others have some offerings but they are overpriced and unimpressive imo. Only small company I know of with a good rep is Amulech and that is for dacs. They got a nice Sabre 9038 dac but very weak amp in it.
    Feb 27, 2021
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  3. Raimei Templar
    Raimei Templar
    Its one of the great mysteries of Japan honestly, I dont understand how so many people spend so much on speaker setups when most people live in apartments and cant actually use them without having the police called! The most popular headphones here are closed easy to drive ones like Sony MDr-1am etc because people use them on the train. Open backed hard to drive headphones for home use just arent as common.
    Feb 27, 2021
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  4. Raimei Templar
    Raimei Templar
    This is a perfect example of the kind of offering you see from Japanese companies the Jade CASA found at

    Its a headphone amp with a big fat blazing massive power output of....180mws into 32ohms. A bargain at 500 bucks!
    Feb 27, 2021