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  1. Armaegis
    May 28, 2021
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  2. VonAtlas
    That is good to hear! I was originally looking at the Decware CSP3, and it's nice to find something else close to it to make me think.
    May 28, 2021
  3. Merrick
    Wolf Ear has a good reputation and is on my short list for a power amp down the line.
    May 28, 2021
  4. jnak00
    Interesting! I've never heard of Wolf Ear. I wonder if we could line up a Canadian loaner tour. That stepped volume attenuator he makes looks crazy
    May 28, 2021
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  5. Armaegis
    May 28, 2021
  6. gixxerwimp
    I remember seeing that "wolf head" plaque here somewhere. Guess he's like the aboriginal Canadian DNA.
    May 28, 2021
  7. Armaegis
    Mapletree Audio is another Canadian tube amp maker, with a webpage that looks like it still belongs in the netscape era:
    Their circuits are also available in their manuals.
    May 29, 2021
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