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  1. wbass
    Gene Siskel used to loathe this kind of stuff, putting a child in danger for dramatic effect. And it's not even done particularly well here. Not that I even want to contemplate such things in entertainment. It just feels distasteful.
    Jun 8, 2022
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  2. DigMe
    Glad to hear this. Probably will pass with my son who is very sensitive to that kind of stuff.
    Jun 8, 2022
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  3. wbass
    FWIW, it never quite feels like anyone's in real danger in the ep. I'm not particularly squeamish about screen violence, but I just don't care for children being menaced so cheaply and casually. It's also a weird scene. A Sith-type trying to get tactical info out of a child.... Weird.
    Jun 8, 2022
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  4. crenca
    This scene is not just done "causually" or poorly (though this is certainly true), it's a symptom of the *inhumanity* and banality-of-evil of Disney's/writers/directors/actors take on Star Wars/Force mythology,. If your gong to artistically portray something as fundamental to the human condition as good and evil, you first have to have a real sense of it...this deserves a more lengthy comment in the movie thread...
    Jun 9, 2022
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