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    I live 10 miles away from Sebastopol MOFI, tempted to try to visit. I can see both sides of this issue. The part that bothers me is since they are pressing off of the Quad DSD the MOFI older pressings won't appreciate in value since they can make a pressing of any album anytime. The process is infinitely repeatable. Old pressings will be worth less than new but really I don't collect vinyl for resale value because I instantly tear the wrapper off and play it. 99 to 150 dollars for quiet vinyl seems a bit overpriced, but its Sebastopol (quirkiest town in California IMO, and that's saying a lot !) For what it's worth I think their remastering is pretty good on Police Synchronicity comparing the GOLD MOFI cd and the earliest Japan pressing of same album I definitely prefer the MOFI mastering (Yes I know It's not vinyl, but I wanted to compare mastering differences) .
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    Not quite infinitely repeatable - mofi would still be bound by whatever licensing agreement they have arranged with a particular title, which are either based on number of pressings or a certain length of time. But physically, yes, they could theoretically cut as many lacquers as needed from a DSD file

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