Audeze LCD-R Review and Measurements

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    Padre Island CC TX
    Voltage Sensitivity:

    Grado RS2...........168 mVrms.....101db
    Audeze LCD-R.....145 mVrms.....105db
    HD650..................171 mVrms.......82db

    Yeah, more sensitive to Grados!
    Impedance is a constant 2-ohms (see below)

    Audeze LCD-R Impedance
    YEL = free air, GRN = on head
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    The bass is the only area where I find these to be slightly lacking. For me it's not so much the speed, but the extension and very slight lack of "slam". Come to think of it slam is related to speed so maybe that's what I'm not hearing.

    It would be interesting to see if and how these measurements change with a different amp. My next step is to try these on the speaker taps of a 2 ohm rated solid state amp via the dynamic headphone output of an ifiAudio iESL. An old school Krell would be interesting ...
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