Bay Area Meet July 28, 2024

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    Hi everybody! We are at it again in the Bay (see the impressions from the last meet: If you are interested in bringing your gear and getting a table spot, please join the discord (link below) and fill out the sign up sheet. I will follow up with you in the coming weeks to give you details on the event, etc. That being said, if you have headphones or IEMs (or even DAPs) that are portable, feel free to bring those with you and carry those around to test out all the cool stuff that will be there. So here are the details:

    Important notes:
    1. If you are selected to bring your own setup, please arrive 1 hour before the event to set up. There will also be 1 hour after the event is over to break down and pack up.
    2. Gear list to come.
    We are sponsored by Schiit Audio!!! Please thank them for helping us put together this meet and be able to enjoy this bigger venue and the space needed to bring more of us together! Also for sending us awesome gear.

    Note: Please be conscious of your manners and hygiene. If there’s a line growing behind you or for the table, limit your listening time and come back when the table isn’t as packed. Let’s let everyone listen. Also keep in mind you will be demoing other people’s gear. Please be clean, wash up, don’t put products in your hair, clean your ears, etc. Be respectful. There’s a lot of cool gear here.

    List of contributing manufacturers/companies (gear to be announced and potentially more to come):
    1. Schitt Audio: Sponsor and sending SchiitKit
    3. ETA Headphones
    4. STAX
    5. ZMF
    6. Enleum
    7. rhythmdevils audio
    8. Woo Audio
    9. RAAL
    10. MusicTeck
    11. iFi Audio
    12. Apos Audio
    Location and Date/Time:
    Sunday July 28, 2024
    10:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST
    420 S 1st St
    San Jose, CA 95113

    Woo Audio is buying us all pizza! So come by and enjoy some food with your audio! Just make sure you wash your hands well in the restrooms after eating as we don't want any greasy fingers on the gear :).

    Discord link for our Bay Area community:

    Eventbrite/Tickets (Free) Link:

    Gear List (TBD):

    From the community (TBD):

    Photos from the prior events:
    Jan 2023:
    Jan 2024:
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    Bay Area
    Let’s f'ing go! I’ll be there and thinking of lugging my little vinyl rig.
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    I love this. Keep up the support for the oddball or small outfits!
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