DACs: Improve your USB (break out PCI USB card with Unison)

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    I agree with this as well. I thought I was hearing differences across a few DACs straight out of different PCs and even USB ports. I also had noise floor issues on some amps even with extra care taken to prevent ground loops over the power lines. After trying various solutions, I gave up and just bought the cheaper Intona USB 2.0 isolation box for $250, and now I can't even pretend to hear any differences at all between digital sources, be it noise or sound quality.

    Granted, it's a bit overkill since I was using a ZenDAC and now a Modi 3+, but I can now buy any USB DAC and be confident that it will work optimally in my setup without being affected by my crappy motherboard.

    It's also important that DACs that have an option for both USB power and wall power should be using wall power, with a decent quality power brick.
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    i have the old industrial version of intona and it works well for me dealing with usb ground noise issue and I keep my usb connection to 15cm from the dac.


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