Holiday Vinyl Deals?

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    Let's help each other out by posting the best deals we find on music that we find during this, the season of giving... ourselves that box set we've been craving for 10 months.

    Barnes & Noble has a more-than-decent vinyl selection, and though their record packaging isn't the best in all the wide world I'll take that chance at 30% off for one item starting tomorrow. I bought a wonderful Coltrane mono box set earlier this year during a '40%' sale that someone here alerted me too, so I'm returning the favor. They also carry some half-decent TTs which AFAIK will get the same discount:

    Music Direct is giving 20% off!

    Looks like Acoustic Sounds is also giving an across-the-board 20% too, along with more selective bargains. AS has fantastic packaging:

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    Lucky Brand has a 40% off on the following titles, and additional 25% off for orders over $125 with code NVA25G.

    The Stcky Fingers Box Set goes for $100 and up on other websites[]. I loaded it to my cart and it dropped to $89.50, then because my oder was over $125 i received an additional $22.37 off making it $67.12

    The below prices are at 50% off, which they were running last week but these were BEFORE the 25% off and include CDs and Vinyl.

    Free Shipping on orders over $50.

    Sticky Fingers Box Set $89.50[]

    Sticky Fingers Cd[]
    Best Buy has it for $3.99

    Sticky Fingers 2-Cd Set $9.50[]

    Sticky Fingers Lp $12.00[]

    Emotional Rescue Cd $6.00[]

    Black And Blue Cd $6.00[]

    Jump Back Cd $6.00[]

    It"S Only Cd $6.00[]

    Goats Head Soup Cd $6.00[]

    Tattoo You Cd $6.00[]

    Shine A Light Cd $6.00 (Martin Scorcese)[]

    The Beatles Revolver $12.50[]

    The Beatles Rubber Soul $12.50[]

    Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies $12.50[]

    Guns N" Roses Appetite For Destruction $12.50[]

    The legend Of Johnny Cash $14.50[]

    The Killers Sam's Town $12.50[]
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    Music Direct still has 15% off any music that isn't already on sale, coupon code Music15.

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