How to receive posting privileges in the For Sale forum

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by purr1n, Dec 4, 2021.

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    1. People get trophies for "Liked" posts. There is a slow progression up to Almost-Made, where after we keep seeing this for about a month, and we're in a good mood, we will promote them. But only after we conduct an Internet background check. This has already happened on several occasions.
    2. Number of posts does help you get trophies... up to a certain point where it doesn't do jack anymore. We'll put hidden admin notes for people who post a lot of crap, so don't abuse the forum. While massive number of posts is a high honor on HF which lands you a mention on the HF home page, it isn't necessary the case here.
    3. If you want the privilege of listing items in the FS forum, and you can't afford the $20* to receive the privilege of listing as many items as you want in the FS forum, you probably shouldn't be playing in this hobby.
    4. We know that our FS forum is betterer in some ways. It's a privilege to be able to post there, not a right. That's why it's betterrer.
    5. The FS forum was open to everyone at one point in the past, but moronic Randos posted items and bumped up listings in such a deplorable way that we decided to restrict posting privileges to only Friends and Contributors.
    *Please contact me if you have donated and not received a Friend or Contributor title.

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