How to win friends and influence people

Discussion in 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' started by Steve Eddy, Oct 1, 2015.

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    SE: Okay, so I have no idea how this degenerated so quickly, but your post was in the wrong forum and it was reported many times. SuperBAF has a clear place for messing around and it's in this subforum. It was moved but that doesn't mean anyone lacks a sense of humor around here. Just because a person doesn't have YOUR sense of humor doesn't mean they lack humor.

    It's also incredibly boorish to enter a forum that was founded by senior members of Changstar and is primarily populated by transplants from that forum and talk crap about Changstar. I really don't understand why you expected this to go well? Did you think it would win you acclaim and approval to call the pirate theme cringeworthy and to throw shit on Chang?

    Others have come down harder on you here than necessary, but it doesn't mean your comments are in good taste either. I'd seriously recommend you ask yourself why you're run off of various places on the internet. I can assure you it's not your beliefs or opinions. If anything, this place has some pretty well respected folks who share your point of view on gear and audio (Anetode, Corey, and a few others come to mind).

    Apparently you never learned that you should get to know a group of people to understand the group dynamic before criticizing and talking crap. Or that, even though it's easy to play victim, if something negative keeps happening as a consequence of your actions maybe it's time to examine the behaviors that keep leading to that negative result.

    Maybe it's time to ask yourself if it's your beliefs that get you banned from various forums or if there is something else. In your shoes I'd at least attempt to understand why this might be happening rather than dropping the bigotry bomb; to learn something from each undesired consequence. All it seems that you've learned is to hunker down and pull the victim card out.
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