Ortho iem Micropore Tape Mod (Shuoer S12, Gold Planer GL12, PMV PP, etc)

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    I currently have I think 10 ortho iems here that I'm trying to compile a big review for but it's taking me some time. All but the Audeze Euclid are Chifi iems. Most of them have a very bright tuning. This is not just the FR of the driver, but how the driver is damped as well.

    By covering part of the front nozzle of the iem with micropore tape, we can both filter out some of the treble and change the damping of the driver. I'm going to focus on the S12 because it has the most dramatic and beneficial affect.

    But the general affect this mod has is that it

    reduces treble
    brings up the vocal range
    increases bass response

    I found it basically fixed all the problems in the stock tuning of the Shuoer S12, the Gold Planar GL12 (with the included filtered nozzle that reduces treble) and the PMV PP.

    Here are some quick notes from my review and from memory of the stock S!2

    • very fast and resolving
    • basss light
    • vocals are a bit recessed
    • treble is tipped up making cymbals sound needley and losing proper timbre.
    • The whole sound signature is upward tilting with a peak in the treble

    • Very balanced from bass to treble
    • vocals are brought up to a gorgeous neutral, nicely forward but not overly so, with beautiful tone
    • Still just as fast and resolving
    • bass is brought up to neutral and is deliciously fast and tight and goes all the way down
    • treble is brought down to perfectly neutral with no exaggeration anymore and great timbre
    • I would call these very very neutral now, neither warm nor bright, but very much a reference studio sound. Flat, not upward tilting FR anymore.
    • I really love these iems with this mod. They're fast, resolving, balanced, have impeccable timbre. They just sound right. The Gold Planar GL12 is technically superior but doesn't sound as "right" as these. I don't think I've ever heard an iem that sounds so "right" as the modded S!2 at any price.
    Modded S12 vs Timeless 7hz
    • S12 is faster and more resolving
    • S12 has better timbre
    • S12 has much better bass quality
    • 7hz has softer transients which some may prefer
    • 7hz has more bass quantity but less quality by a lot
    • 7hz has a more relaxed sound that some may prefer

    It's' so easy I feel stupid making a thread for it, but I posted how to do it in the S12 thread and people seemed confused and liked the idea of a video. So here are written instructions, a picture and a video. No amount of stupidity can excuse you from not trying this.

    You want to cover the back half of the nozzle of the iem (or 60%) with micropore tape. When I say the backside, I mean if you are wearing them, you are covering the side towards the back of your head.

    1. Cut a strip of micropore tape about the width of the diameter of the entire nozzle and twice as wide.
    2. Apply it to the back half of the nozzle, then press it down, and then wrap it around. you want to line it up so it's parallel to the direction the cable comes out of the iems
    3. Wrap it around the sides of the nozzle
    4. When you put the tips on, start with the side that has micropore tape, so you're pushing the tape on, not pushing it off.
    NOTE: Micropore tape is not stable over time, it kind of dissolves into goo. the adhesive gets goopy and then it becomes less porous. Also, this is a porous material in your ear, so it picks up oils and wax from your ear. So the only downside of this mod is that the micropore tape should probably be replaced every week or so. I notice that they sound better with fresh micropore tape after a week or two. This is because the tape has gotten less porous. You'll notice how goopy it becomes when you remove it after a bit of time. The upside is that this mod takes like 4 minutes to do.

    Here's a video I made of me implementing the mod. I have a nice app on my phone that works just like Final Cut Pro so it's super easy for me to add titles and music so I couldn't help myself. It seemed boring with silence.

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    Just a thing about micropore surgical tape: some people are allergic to it.

    I know this from the criss-cross of red lines all over my back after an op I had. It's not common, but nor were the staff surprised. They do encounter it, and just use an alternative make.

    So, before sticking it in one's ear, it might be a good idea to do a test patch on some piece of fairly sensitive skin. I wouldn't want to find out about the allergy inside my ear.

    (I'm not even an IEM user. Just spotted "micropore" in the thread title, and wondered if this info might be useful.)

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