Request: Soekris dac1541

Discussion in 'Loaner Requests' started by YMO, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Yeah, I kind of want to hear it before I even think about buying. Not too sure I would like the sound, but I like the all in one concept for my desk. @soekris might be proud.

    I'm in Jacksonville, FL, so I'm trying to keep this to US only. I'll pay for shipping both ways via Fedex Ground with insurance. Like to keep it for a week max.

    If you want, we can swap all in ones. I do have the Ayre Codex that I lend to you while I'm trying out the dac1541. I can include the cables so you can try the balanced headphone amp.

    I think this is a long shot, but who knows.....

    Edit: No longer looking for now. Changing audio plans.
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