The HD800 EQ-ing Thread

Discussion in 'Modifications and Tweaks' started by TwoEars, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Thanks @gepardcv for pointing out oratory's 800 (non-s) setting. After googling for a while, I got this: HD800 (5 Band EQ).pdf?dl=0
    (prol this is what you meant)


    (For simplicity I am calling 10B 800S setting Oratory1 and 5B 800 one Oratory2)

    My hd800 with Oratory2 sounds much better than with 1. Subjectively it sounds a bit rougher in the upper registers but quite tasteful and engaging for many modern tracks. Found myself preferring 1 with acoustic instrument things though. Will give them more head time anyway. lol

    Bass perception is determined and confounded by very many factors -- even including midrange and treble tones. And likely harman guys, study participants, HT-advocates, and HT-lovers may "perceive" 800 as extremely bass-shy like you said.

    My view is a little different

    (1) My purpose is to find "more neutral" and this is not always preferred (even by myself). Indeed I can easily see myself preferring oratory1 (and 2) or sorrodje for some tracks.
    (2) That said, my reference of "just right bass" is the closest to LCD2 (and 2 classic), rather than Dr Olive's work. And this is highly correlated with sbaf-compensated flat response in entire bass (20-200hz). While there may be some benefits of harman's "perceptionally preferred" bass levels, I will not regard it as "neutral" any day.
    (3) And both subjectively and objectively to me (and my humble rig-wise) hd800 is not bass-shy or bass-light. Ignoring its' treble-head oriented (aka upward) tonality, the real problem (against neutrality) is midbass hump (kinda typical problems of many dynamic drivers with open-back structure). My EQ is trying to address that problem. And this is in line with how I define "neutrality". Of course ymmv.

    As an aside, I have nearly distrusted gras45ca because of many shits generated from that fixture, oratory's work changed my thought to some extent. Evil is software (compensations), rather than hardware.
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    I adjusted it a bit looking at the HD800S measurements and I like it better then Oratory1990. A bit "enhanced" HD-8000S but very natural, slightly tamed treble, more pronounced mids, a bit more bass but still well under control.
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