Which recording sounds best to you?

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Which recording sounds best?

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    Jesus so I actually like the sound of silver? Time to get custom cables! /s

    But the fact that there's some difference between silver too is ridiculous.

    In retrospect makes sense from a systems perspective. I dunno what some of the 2ch stuff here is about but mine's pretty damn warmpoo to offset the transducer's occasionally-painful treble peak, so something traditionally "cleaner" like silver would have been synergistic.

    Looking up their respective material properties copper seems harder. Silver is denser though. Thoughts on how that might affect sound?


    I'm kinda surprised copper actually lives up to that bloomy, romantic presentation trope. Not that I'd likely be able to blindly ID any of these on their own without the others to compare to, mind, the differences are ridiculously subtle.

    Also, @bazelio, just curious what you mean by your comment re: Cardas. I don't even play around with interconnects so the reference is lost on me :))

    All that aside this is ridiculously subtle stuff. Turntables are scary yo.
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