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    It is basically just a guess based on a bit of interpolation. I find the Sennheiser HD800 to be comfortable, in part because they are light - stated weight is 330g, but I’ve seen elsewhere that the actual weight is closer to 375g, while, like you, I can’t tolerate wearing my 12 year-old LCD-2s at ~550g for extended listening anymore.

    It’s good to know that you find ZMF headphones to be more comfortable than Audeze.
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    Hello, My amp rolling notes
    Headphone: AMF Aeolus with Monoprice M1570 velour pads:

    Ray Samuels Emmeline HR-2 - blows everything else out of the water. Blows my mind how full sounding this pairing is! AD825 opamps installed

    Ray Samuels Emmeline II The Raptor Tube amp second place now, tube fun!

    Darkvoice 336SE - tube amp with overwhelming envelopment, full bass

    Ray Samuels Emmeline XP-7 - Treble oriented more full bodied. Also installed AD825 opamps.

    Questyle CMA Twelve Tall Cathedral like stage not as wide as others, just a tad bit narrow for me, pretty good depth

    Jotunheim 2 - Pairs better than good. Especially with highs tamed with Gain switch set to low, high gets fatiguing fast but fun while it lasts, first time EVER for me to have low gain usable on good sounding headphones.

    Mortals C passing
    Schiit Lyr 3 - gain high setting, nice bright highs not airy but fluid
    Drop x Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH) much better than thx
    Singxer SA-1 - needs more bite in the treble in order to come alive, but mids flow smoothly, fuller rounder compared to Cavalli Hybrid
    Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk 2 - most neutral of all amps, lively sterility, fuller upper bass and low mids offers some sense of clarity to male vocals
    Drop THX AAA 789 high treble energy adds lively energetic presentation
    LCX +SDAC reduced detail resolution compared to thx 789, stage is less wide than THX 789
    RebelAmp - Sounds just good. Too dull and polite just as it is with the Focal Elegia

    D not up to par
    Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk 1 (discontinued) good for when I want less focus on bass, clear highs but loses sparkle
    Asgard 3 - Non-harsh listening session, overly mellow muffled

    F as in fail
    Beyerdynamic A20 (discontinued) Wide soundstage but lacks dynamics, soft delivery
    SMSL SP200 Narrow soundstage
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    I've been thinking about amps for my Eikon, and keep coming back to Lyr 3. However, it's noted in the Amp Pairings post here as probably a bad match for Eikon, and elsewhere as maybe not the best for a Bifrost 2 either.

    What characteristics make the pairing not work? Is it just that those are both sort of relaxed and adding them together takes it too far?

    If it helps, I think the Eikon really does work well from the Magni 3+. Maybe slightly rough highs, but really that's only compared to a 6XX - no complaints otherwise for my tastes, even the headstage is fine. It's just that I suspect I can do better (yet keep finding reasons to not buy any of the actually available options), I'm sure lots of you know the feeling.

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