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  1. JK47
    Or spread on a blini then rolled up.
    Feb 4, 2019
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  2. Elnrik
    What is a blini?

    Edit - Never mind. Thank you Google.
    Feb 4, 2019
  3. Kunlun
    Oh shit @JK47 you just changed Elnrik's life.
    Feb 4, 2019
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  4. Deep Funk
    Deep Funk
    For the better. JK47 is in a good mood today.
    Feb 5, 2019
  5. JK47
    ^Always am, some people just need to be chin checked.
    Feb 5, 2019
  6. crazychile
    I first read that as "spread on a bikini"
    Feb 5, 2019
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  7. Craigo
    @JK47 I sometimes use crepe, but the way this week is going I’m going to have to make some French toast out of chocolate babka.
    Feb 5, 2019
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