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  1. Serious
    Prepare for Day 7 when you will finally notice how wrong the midrange and treble and staging sounds and Day 8 when you come up with your first mod.
    Jul 31, 2016
  2. Serious
    And Day 129 when it finally sounds decent.
    Jul 31, 2016
  3. Griffon
    Day 7.1 actually vintage orthos suck
    Jul 31, 2016
  4. Artasia
    I feel the same way about the Andromeda. It's blowing me away.
    Jul 31, 2016
  5. Serious
    Day 7.2 actually orthos in general suck.
    Jul 31, 2016
  6. takato14
    actually no @Griffon the Sansui keeps pace in everything but the absolute lowest level information I can discern -- very small things like spatial cues. honestly, could just be the senns having an actually good soundstage. the sansui also remains more neutral.

    I am also still using a geek out 450 so, large grain of salt please
    Jul 31, 2016
  7. FlySweep
    Once I heard the layering and separation the HD800 is capable of (off of modest to TOTL gear), I simply can't 'unhear' it.. and it's become the 'benchmark' for me with full sized phones and IEMs. Still chasing that dragon.. damn you HD800!
    Jul 31, 2016
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  8. HitmanFluffy
    Aug 1, 2016
  9. Jun
    Between the HE-6 and HD 800, both out of good amps which one would you choose?
    Aug 7, 2016
  10. takato14

    the HE-6 just isn't as clean, and no amp will change that

    there's also this nasty treble coloration on the HE-6 that makes them sound simultaneously distant and hissy that's not present on the senns, but that could change with amplification so grain of salt
    Aug 8, 2016
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