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  1. Sqveak
    Finally available in Australia!
    Apr 16, 2021
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  2. likearake
    I had given up on Quboz ever coming to Australia some time (measured in years) ago! Nice surprise!
    Apr 16, 2021
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  3. Ksaurav402
    I hope they expand their market like Spotify. Still waiting for them to launch in India but I know it won't be anytime soon. May be in another 4-5 years.
    Apr 16, 2021
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  4. Senorx12562
    I find it a little weird that Canada was not one of them.
    Apr 16, 2021
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  5. gixxerwimp
    Not in Taiwan ... :(
    Apr 16, 2021
  6. rlow
    @Senorx12562 it all depends on which country’s music industry representatives are the easiest to negotiate licensing terms with. And also related to the size of the company on the other side. Canada for some reason always seems to lag behind in this aspect, not sure why. Qobuz is small so their negotiating power and resources are likely limited. Which sucks because I really want to drop Tidal.
    Apr 16, 2021
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