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  1. purr1n
    Besides, I don't care that VIPs on the board were dumb enough to get swindled. They were on the board, and by definition, it's their job to ask tough questions of the people who run the company. Investors should sue the board members for dereliction of duty.
    Aug 29, 2021
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  2. penguins
    She's a drop in the bucket and I have no sympathy for investors turning a blind eye b/c greed and "want to believe", but IMO real prison time to send a message.

    That or do the right thing and put the other half of the corporate marauders out there in prison too.
    Aug 29, 2021
  3. ogodei
    So as long as you're jazzed about committing fraud its ok? And agreed, investors should sue the board for breach of fiduciary duty.
    Aug 29, 2021
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  4. Scott Kramer
    Scott Kramer
    Nah, she's a confidence man, and went too big, for too long.
    Aug 29, 2021
  5. Azimuth
    There are corporate thugs that are worse, but she was a fraud and should be punished.
    Aug 29, 2021
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  6. Thad E Ginathom
    Thad E Ginathom
    Long time since I heard that name. Is she actually facing justice?
    Aug 30, 2021