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  1. rlow
    Um, not weird at all. New tube gear especially has huge changes from new/cold to warmed up and broken in. Should hopefully get even better over time. Enjoy!
    Jan 11, 2022
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  2. Noodlz
    Also pleasantly surprised oh how good orthos sound on it, even better than the liquid gold x pairings
    Jan 11, 2022
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  3. Gazny
    what ortho are you pairing with it?
    Jan 11, 2022
  4. zonto
  5. Noodlz
    Ah i paired it with the LCD 2.1 Rev1 rosewood, and also the AFO v1. AFO is the best its ever sounded but LCD 2.1 is on a whole nother level. Makes me wonder if i should keep the LAuX now lol
    Jan 11, 2022
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