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  1. Justin S
    Justin S
    Impatient initial impressions (30 minutes in) with the Hilo>Rebel>Focal Clear = more delineation between instruments, beautiful treble - I can turn it up, nice staging, better slam that the headout of the Hilo. I think it will open up a bit as it warms up/burns in over the next couple of days.
    May 13, 2022
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  2. Qildail
    That's a hell of a trip for sure. Enjoy!
    May 13, 2022
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  3. gixxerwimp
    Wow, when did it ship out? Before the, ahem, "Special Invasion Operation"?
    May 16, 2022
  4. Justin S
    Justin S
    No - it shipped May 1. I actually received it before a HomeDepot order placed at the same time. It's a good sounding amp. Back to back with the Lynx Hilo headamp, it is thrusty-er and stages with more relief.
    May 17, 2022
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